Tuesday, October 27, 2009

telling our families the news (part 2)

So as soon as my family was on their way back to Texas we worked on how to tell Freeland's mom. We were a little sad because she had actually just come to visit us the week before my mom.. but at the time we had NO idea we had news to share! So sadly, we didn't share the news in person.

One of the really neat things though is that while she was here she pulled out something that she brought for us to have.

Looking back - I couldn't believe she just happened to find this and bring it with her!

Here it is:

Freelands first book

Its Freeland's book from when he was a baby.

And not only was it Freeland's book when he was a baby - it was also his uncle Monte's book too.

Freelands first book

AND it has a Great Dane in it!!

Freelands first book

How random & fun is it that when she came to visit us none of us knew at the time I was pregnant and that we actually had use for this book so quickly!

The book is now applejack's official first baby book too!! I love it.

So back to telling Freeland's mom. We actually knew right away how we wanted to tell her. (Even though we were soo sad it wasn't going to be in person!) We thought of the perfect idea for her.

See, every time we go to visit her & Carl or they come to visit us we have a tradition of playing scrabble for hours on end together. Seriously, since the first time I met his family its what we have always done after dinner. So of course we decided to incorporate scrabble into the news. We thought it would be perfect .. and it would make it even more fun for her! (she is BRILLIANT at playing scrabble and LOVES finding every word possible!)

So we put together a little puzzle for her and mailed it to them with a little sheet of clues for her.

telling our families

The clues read something along the lines of "we found this & wanted to send it to yall. We put together a little game since we aren't there to play with yall.." and the wrote out a few more clues so they could start to put all the words together.

telling our families

She called us when she received the package and we told her to wait for Carl to open it. And then once Carl was home they started working on it together.

It was seriously hilarious the first few times she called us trying to guess what it said. We just told her to keep trying. We knew eventually she would get it. (like I said, she is a Pro at this game)

Then she called and said "all I can think of is the word grandparents.. does this mean yall are pregnant? Freeland is Brooke pregnant???!?!!?" with LOTS of excitement in her voice.

Freeland told her no so she would keep working to finish the entire puzzle. (and I think at that point she said something along the lines of "oh okay good I knew you would have probably already called and told me if that was the case" :)

telling our families

Then we received another phone call that said "Freeland, this says we're going to be grandparents.. Brooke is Pregnant!!!" So we finally revealed the whole thing

telling our families

We actually sent them the letters for "You are going to be Grandparents in April" but that entire thing isn't in the picture.

It was so much fun getting to share the news with them. I knew that his mom was going to be soo excited for us.

We stayed on the phone for a while and shared all the details we knew at that point. And we all celebrated. She said she had actually been praying for us.. which makes it even more exciting!


  1. Yeah y'all are so dang creative. I just threw a bib at my parents that said, "Thank God for babies" or something like that. I drove to their house as soon as I told Sean and the bib was the first thing I saw.

    Then with Charlie I took a picture of Ty wearing a shirt that said "I'm the big brother" and emailed it to my mom. About ten seconds after I sent it the phone rang and it was her!

  2. Aww I love it!! I've been checking every day for Part II!!! Such a cute, creative idea!! (I've tried to get Z to play scrabble but he doesn't like it.. do they have a scrabble for ebonics??)

  3. Brooke that is so cute, I love that story!! I miss you so much. Sorry I haven't been able to call you, I had my wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday.