Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pumpkins my heart adores

New Picture
Photo Credit here by indierocket

is that not the most beautiful picture of pumpkins ever?

I want them in my house. now. kthx.

Darn you Dave Ramsey & your budget. Bless you... but darn at the same time.

On another note, I thought I would share what else has been going on in the Awesome.. I mean Ackley Household lately. Because it turns out there is in fact a lot of other things going on.

For examples, Sam almost caught a wasp yesterday. (thankfully I stepped in and killed it - while I was screaming in fear - before she was able to "catch" it and get stung.) How did a wasp get in our HOUSE?

Also, we picked out pumpkins yesterday and they are seriously larger than life. Freeland had to work to even get them out of the box they were sitting in.

Ive become productive again. (Freeland is probably so happy he wants to cry right now) I actually did laundry (still havent put it away but I washed some of it) Ive helped with the dishes. Ive cooked dinner again. Shoot, I even pulled out my sewing machine, practiced the piano, and organized my recipes. now THAT is being productive. (for me at least)

But probably the biggest thing going on is that Freeland finally received his rotation schedule for next year! Phew.. we're moving forward people!! It feels so nice to have that selection process out of the way. Im not sure how it is at every school - if its all the same or not.. but at his school everyone selects if they prefer the location of rotations or the schedule they are on. (Freeland chose location since it was obviously important that he is close to home.) Then they just hope they receive what they picked and go forward. Then once they get that they are put in groups and have to all work out who is going where and what hospital they want to be at etc. etc. etc. In summary - you never know if you are going to get what you want. but you just have to trust it will work out.

Thankfully Freeland was able to get all his rotations in Erie. And he was able to get a schedule that he likes too. He will have electives that we can do in other places but we arent exactly sure how that would work with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a child to figure out too. We'll see. He starts them in June & couldnt be more excited & ready to start. (first he has to get those nasty boards out of the way though so one step at a time) Then he starts his internal rotations!

And thats just a few of the other things going on..


  1. You're doing Dave Ramsey too!? I had to LOL because I feel the same way - "Damn you Dave Ramsey .. but thank you Dave Ramsey". I'll be so glad when my life isn't controlled by envelopes full of cash!!

  2. My mom called me this afternoon saying ,"you have to go look at Brooke's blog and see those pumpkins...I'm gonna try to make some..." ????????

    She's now on a quest to find the materials and make some of her own. I'm not kidding.

    My poor dad has to help her.

  3. wow, you have been miss busy Bee! That's exciting about Freeland too!! love you guys and miss you--ps I can't believe you checked my blog or how did you know to check it, was that random or what?!!! Thanks for all your beautiful pictures, it inspired me to create!!

  4. Cool pumpkins!! I think I may have to figure out how to make those. Oh, and just wait until your last trimester - you'll be so productive Freeland will be begging you to sit down. I remember cleaning my baseboards in my 8th month pregnant with Jacob. It helps make up for the crazy fatigue you have those first few months.
    Glad you guys got a good rotation schedule. Reading that really brought me back. Although, in year 3 of residency, we're still anxiously waiting for each month's schedule (for call, etc.) so we can plan life around it!

  5. So it sounds like you"re feeling better! At least, better enough to cook and do laundry! My poor family; I'm not cooking or doing laundry! Poor kids....