Monday, October 12, 2009

the proof

First of all I asked Freeland if we could put our Christmas tree up this weekend. He said no. So we compromised and watched Elf instead. soon enough. I think since it feels like fall so much earlier here .. Im even that much more ready for Christmas. But I promise not to rush these things.

Some of you asked about us finding out we were prego. I will share the story at some point. But to summarize it .. I guess crazy things happen after we have been separated for 2 weeks! :) Also, Freeland knew the entire time I was pregnant. He literally woke up one morning and said "you're pregnant. I just know it". So he knew 2 weeks before I knew.

the proof

And Kate said it best.. my response was pretty much the exact same as when Freeland proposed to me. (click there to read my response if you dont already know it)


Obviously you dont need to see these pictures as proof. (and btw, is it gross to show these? Im not exactly sure but part of me thinks it is)

This was the proof for me:

the proof
(on top of a few other symptoms that also proved something was going on)

I seriously carried them around with me for a week in my purse just to pull out and remind myself. I couldn't believe it. Freeland kept reminding me that I did in fact pee on them and it was gross to carry that around. But I couldn't help myself.

Finally I agreed and tucked them away.

There are still moments I have to remind myself this is happening.

On Wednesday I will be starting my 17th week. So far I feel a lot better. The only strange symptoms I can think of at the moment are my ears & my appetite. I don't know how to explain my ears.. but its like when there is water in your ears - how you can hear yourself breathe and talk and everything echo's? well thats what my ears do at least a few hours everyday. I read that it happens to some people so nothing to worry about. I just sit with my head tilted to the side.

Then there is my appetite. It seems I have an empty pit in my stomach but nothing ever hits the spot anymore. If something does sound good by the time I get it - its no longer sounds good. Don't get me wrong, i eat a lot still but I just dont enjoy it as much anymore.. or I dont crave things the same. (except chocolate milk. I still majorly crave that & have since before I actually knew I was pregnant)

My stomach is kind of showing. For a few days it looked huge to me. Then it went back to looking like I just ate too many pop tarts. I guess Im at that in between point. Which is fine. Im in no rush.

Thats all I can think of for the moment. Looking forward to our appointment on the 20th!


  1. Ooh the ears thing is tough. I'm sorry that's on your list of symptoms! My doctor always told me all fluid in your body multiplies so you're more prone to ear infections, colds, etc. I took more Sudafed while pregnant than you'd believe.

    Can't wait to hear what you find out!!

  2. Oh my goodness, TL and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elf! That is one of our favorite movies ever! It is still in the 90s here in Tucson so I hardly have the urge to usher in the holidays, but it will come...eventually. I'm glad to hear everything is going well with your pregnancy. (BTW, I totally stalk on you on your blog. I love reading your updates. Don't press charges, please) Take care and stay warm.


  3. can i just tell you that the first words out of my mouth when i was proposed to were "oh shit" and the first words out of my mouth when i found out i was pregnant were "oh shit". we're soulmates ;-)

  4. Looking forward to seeing that "Baby Bump" at the end of the month!