Thursday, October 8, 2009

our painting made it!

Im not sure if you remember our story about our friend we met in Uganda, Mike, who painted us a picture (if not click here for the quick story)

well a couple weeks ago we finally got the painting in the mail

and OH.MY.GOSH. I .LOVE.IT!!!!

I was out of town when it arrived. But Freeland kept telling me "you wont believe how amazing it is. And how large it is.. it doesnt even fit on any of our walls"

so by the time I got home Freeland had built a frame for it and found the only spot in our house that it would fit.. right above our bed:

medical clinic in Uganda
Thats Freeland & I in the middle of all the people outside a medical clinic.
(ignore my retainer sitting right there on the bed)

Here is another picture so you can see how large it is:

medical clinic in Uganda

My favorite thing is that Im holding a child.. and he painted it before we knew we would be having a child.

medical clinic in Uganda

It still melts my heart every time I see it & Im so thankful we have it in our house as a reminder of everything we experienced. And Im so thankful that Mike felt led to draw & paint it for us.


  1. Hi Brooke!

    This is Morgan, (Matthew & Katie's sister!) and I just had to tell you this picture is absolutely amazing!! I love your blog (i've blog stalked for quite some time!!) Anyways, just wanted to say hi and congratulations to you and Freeland and the new baby!!!

  2. That is gorgeous!! What an amazing and precious reminder of your time in Uganda. What a gift...It's just beautiful!

  3. What an incredible gift! It's beautiful. And I love how big it is!!

  4. LOVE IT-reminds me of the primitives I have seen that are priceless. You will be reminded and blessed of your trip everytime you look at it!

  5. Wow, that is an amazing painting Brooke for two amazing people!

  6. Amazing Brooke, I am touched just by looking at it. What a great memory to have. Absolutely beautiful. God is good.

  7. Love, love, LOVE the painting and its immense hugeness. It looks great over the bed - and could be equally awesome over, say, a crib?

    As far as the dish towel crib skirt is concerned - GO FOR IT! I found my towels at Cost Plus World Market, but if I'd been more patient, might have scouted antique stores and the like for some towels with "character." I measured the height of the crib with the mattress at the highest (newborn) setting and made the skirt accordingly. As we drop the mattress to accommodate for the climbing that will no doubt occur, I can just tuck the extra skirt footage underneath the mattress. It was maybe a $20 project that I poured a lot of love into for extra value.

    Can't wait to see yours! Hope you're feeling well. Let's get a due date up on the Count Down!

    (Also, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and that lotto commercial seals the deal for me.

    Also-also, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for the same reason that Thursday is my favorite day - means Christmas & Friday are coming. I might have to watch Home Alone today.)