Friday, September 11, 2009


on the beach in San Diego

Oh what a week. Im thankful today is Friday. SO THANKFUL.

Im packing up soon and heading out to Texas for my best friends wedding. I cant believe its already here. I'll be gone for the week trying to help in any & every way that I can since Ive been so far away the rest of her engagement. Then Freeland will be joining me next weekend.

Im so thankful he gets to come. Even if its basically only for 1 day. It wouldn't be the same without him there. I know my family will be glad to see him too.

And while Im gone Landon is coming to visit Freeland (which Im so sad I wont be here to see him too!) But Im glad Freeland & Landon will have lots of time together.

So now I just have to get up and actually make myself pack.. which means I actually have to unpack from the last time I was there. (yes the suitcase is still sitting next to our bed and hasn't been touched since I got home a month ago!)

PS. A few of you requested to see the toilet Drew made for us camping.. here it is! (he's not actually using it.)


  1. We would find a nice rock while hiking. Necessity is the mother of invention. ENJOY your trip.

  2. Love that picture of the two of you! Have a great trip. Just wondering if the guys wouldn't like to get the chicken wings at the Plymouth while you are gone...its a good "guy place"

  3. I'm the same way with packing- I DON'T want to pack! My suitcase is still in my room with clothes in it, Josh tripped over it in the dark last night and I couldn't stop laughing.

    Texas weather has been in the 80s lately! Yeehaw! Love reading!

  4. "Rock" is actually Robin using Josh's computer.

  5. That is a fantastic picture of you both!