Friday, September 25, 2009

the juicy details

As soon as I told Freeland that I was going to post all the baby details everyone was asking about.. his response was: "I'm pretty sure they all know how this happened. what other details are there?"

So not to worry.. those aren't the details I'm sharing.. obvs. But I am happy to answer all your other questions.

So here they are: the (not so juicy) details

How far along are you? I'm currently 13 weeks & 3 days. So some would say Im in my 13th week.. while others would say that means Im in my 14th week. Who knows? Depends on what book you read or which doctor you ask.

When did you find out? We found out at the end of July (I will post more on that later) We had a blast telling our families. (more on that later)

And to clarify .. It was a huge surprise

And everyone was just as surprised as we were.

Camille's response cracked me up the most. Lets just say she scared Henry she yelled so loud.

Have I been sick? Yes, I have been sick. sick. sick. BUT its getting MUCH better.. so no complaints.

Yes, I feel like I have had every symptom known to man kind. Serious-ly.

My due date as of now is March 31st. But Freeland is pulling for April 1st.

For the first time in my life I go to bed before Freeland now.

I will keep working.

I do crave lots of things. But I feel like that's normal for me. Its just the first time I actually eat whatever I'm craving. (strawberry pop tarts, strawberry waffles, hot dogs (gross I know) ice cream, chocolate milk, Tim Horton's bagel sandwich, and Chinese food... just to name a few)

My hormones are out of control. But that just started about 2 weeks ago. Poor Freeland has seen the worst of it too. Lots of unnecessary tears from the most insane things. Half the time I'm not even sure why I'm crying myself. Its humorous afterwards though.

As much as I've NOT enjoyed being sick, exhausted, tired, emotional, and ummm gassy.. There are other things that I have enjoyed. Like my skin is better than it usually is. (which seriously isn't saying a lot) My toes no longer look like I have raynauds. (yay!) And of course I enjoy Freeland constantly touching my stomach.

Oh and yes, there is a little bump. It just looks like I had too many pop tarts though.

I think thats all of them. If I missed any let me know! Im happy to answer whatever. And I will post pictures from us telling everyone asap! :)