Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 years plus 1 day

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Last night we celebrated our anniversary. And I'm almost too embarrassed to say how we celebrated. Mostly because of reasons I cant explain. More of an inside joke really. But its true.

We originally planned everything I said.. staying at home. enjoying a night in. remembering. celebrating. planning.

and then we realized. ummm hello? this may be the last anniversary for a while that we can actually go out and not worry about anything

so we went against everything we normally believe for celebrating our anniversary and went out. and then I went against everything else and did the most obvious thing ever. I felt like we were in 9th grade or something.

just dinner and a movie.

Not just any movie. But a movie that started at 4:30 in the afternoon.


Not just any dinner. But dinner at The Olive Garden.

Real original right?

I blame it on the hormones. I was craving it so bad. Then got there and couldn't even eat what I ordered.

But I can just see my family laughing now. (no offense to those who love olive garden. its an inside joke. I promise. I like it too)

It was nice to get out though. We realize we should enjoy every night out that we can while we can. And it was nice to reminisce over food someone else made & not have to clean the kitchen.. Or see the rest of our house that is a mess right now.

Afterwards we came home and finished off the night with a nice long walk with the pups. And I had my vanilla ice cream with gummy bears.

It ended up being the perfect evening.

PS: we saw cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3D .. very exciting. I've never seen a 3D movie. Worth it. The glasses are amazing too.


  1. ha ha...that's HI-larious. kickin' it at the olive garden with the early dinner crowd. i really wish you had posted pics (:

  2. That sounds like an amazing anniversary! I constantly make fun of myself for how much I like Olive Garden breadsticks...I could eat about three baskets :)

    Congrats on the wonderful news and best wishes for another exciting year of marriage!

  3. hah - dont be ashamed of the olive garden, we've definitely done that for one of our annivesaries. Good call on going out and enjoying it.

    Life is going to get CRAZY. Hey - when are you due anyway/how far are you?

  4. brooke- i found your blog through sarah and grant and think you two are adorable! i live in waco and probably saw/met you at some point. so excited about your baby to come,we have two boys and they are the greatest joy, but a night out is coveted these days!
    adrianna walker

  5. i think the comments are turned off on your latest post, so i'm commenting here. CONGRATS on your baby news!! what fun! i love all your details...

    ps. i went private...not sure if you want/care to be invited, but if you do, just email me :-)