Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 years later ..

picture by Nam Nguyen

Here we are.. Celebrating 2 years of marriage.

Obviously this year looks a little different than last year when he surprised me with a trip to New York

But I wouldn't change a thing.

Im looking forward to our traditional low key celebration. We will probably just fix food at home or order out. Then take a walk, dance to the song we first danced to as husband & wife at the wedding, look through our slide show, pray through the upcoming year, set goals, encourage each other, and be all uber-romantic.

Then this weekend we will continue the celebrations.

The only thing missing - some wedding cake to eat! Maybe I will make some cupcakes!

Oh and of course there's the traditional gifts. Its cotton this year. So we're buying baby bedding instead of getting gifts for each other.

Speaking of THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your incredibly sweet comments. We loved reading through them (and I loved finding new blogs & readers). We definitely feel very loved so thank you so much! I promise to answer any & all of your questions asap.

Now off to celebrate!


  1. It's crazy bc I started reading your blog 2 yrs ago when you posted your wedding pictures. (which are beautiful) Best of everything to you and the hubby!

  2. Congrats!! We celebrate our 2 years soon too. How time flies but is seems like we've been married forever! I can't believe it's been a year since I discovered your blog and instantly became obsessed after reading about your scavenger hunt and surprise trip to NYC. Happy 2 years, blog friend!

  3. Brooke and Freeland! Congrats! I'm so happy I have gotten the opportunity to move up to Erie and continue getting to know you better! I'm so happy for your wonderful news and for your celebration tonight and continuing on into the weekend! Happy 2 years!

  4. congratulations you two crazy lovebirds! i can't believe we were getting down on the dance floor at YOUR wedding 2 years ago. i pray this next year in your marriage would be even better than the first 2. love y'all

  5. Happy 2 years! I'm so glad we aren't the only ones who dance to our first dance song on our anniversary :)

  6. Happy Cotton Anniversary!

    My gift from this anniversary nearly 4 years ago was a NYLON climbing harness. The mountaineering husband said it counted because it "was a fabric" and that I shouldn't trust a cotton harness anyway. Excellent.

    But nylon baby bedding seems like a horrible idea. Congrats!

  7. Congrats!!! I was thinkin bout you two today!!! May year 3 be filled with so much more love, joy, and laughter!!! We love you guys!!! Z & V