Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its gettin hot in here..

Currently I am in Texas for some last second meetings with work.

Oh my gosh its so stinkin Hot. Im a total wimp apparently. The second I stepped off the plane I just about fell over. And my family informed me that its actually "cooler" right now than it has been!

I love getting to come in for meetings because it means I finally get to see all my co-workers! I only see everyone about 2-3 times a year so its always fun when we finally get together. It also helps me get refocused and excited about my job.

And I have obvs. been stuffing myself silly with LOTS of yummy food. Freeland said he is jealous of all the meals Im eating. (Sonic and Mexican food to name a few) I told him that I felt bad he wasnt here to enjoy them with me but it wasnt going to stop me from digging in because I miss this food so much.

I travel back to Pennsylvania tomorrow and Im looking forward to just being home & not having a 1000 going on. It seems like the second I think everything slows down and Im going to get caught up - it just picks right back up again.

Okay Im off to face the Texas heat once more. I think the worst part is when you first get in your car! Yikes.


  1. Please prepare Camille & Henry for what is in store!

  2. Girl it hasn't even been that hot the last few days! We've had a cold front :) I can't imagine living in a place where you get remotely cool/cold right now. Was so jealous of your 4th of July pictures in a jacket! Hope you had a great trip