Tuesday, July 14, 2009

our first piece of art

I dont know if you can really see this picture or not .. Its a painting that our friend in Uganda, Mike, painted just for Freeland. We met mike through some other friends because his son's eye was infected and they didnt know what was wrong. Then later during our trip we realized Mike was also the "amazing artist" everyone kept telling us about after we walked into his store.

While we were there standing in awe of all of his amazing pieces and the incredible talent God gave him he asked us to come and look at something. We walked to the back and he pulled out a sketch book and started sketching.

Once he was done I walked over and looked at it and started balling crying. because it was perfect.

And so he painted us our very own picture. Its currently still in Uganda. Some other friends were nice enough to coordinate it being sent back with someone else so we didnt have to pay to ship it. Once we get it I will share a larger picture of it - but for the time being here is the picture that most of you have heard a lot about:

Art from Uganda

Its a medical clinic in a village. Freeland is standing in the front seeing patients and Im standing to the side of him holding a baby. It melts my heart every time I think about it & Im so thankful we will be able to hang it in our house as a reminder of everything we have experienced. Im so thankful that Mike felt led to draw & paint it for us.

PS: We also got a phone call from one of our friends, Johnny, in Uganda yesterday!
PPS: It has been SO nice finally having Freeland home! More on that soon!


  1. Awesome painting! It will be such a sweet reminder of your time there. I enjoyed reading about all you did together...really special!

  2. That looks like such a cool painting. And a picture with some meaning behind it is that much more special.