Thursday, July 9, 2009

on his way home ..

uganda mission trip

on the coast of Uganda looking at Lake Victoria
these 2 little guys were attached to Freeland the entire time we were there
and Im pretty sure he was just as attached to them also!

Exciting news my friends

Today is the day Freeland begins his travels home

meaning he wont actually be home for something like 38 or 40 hours.

Im not really worried about doing the math on that one

Im just SO excited and SO ready for him to be home.

Dont get me wrong, I have LOVED the insanely romantic emails he has sent me everyday and there is something wonderful about being apart that makes you appreciate each other more.. but I would rather have him here.

I shared all my wisdom with him on how to travel alone (since obviously I am the more experienced one here who had to do it before him.. ignore that I traveled back with our entire team but ..)

We have lots of big plans for this weekend.. and then we both pretty much decided we aren't leaving each others side ever again. (especially since we only have a couple weeks before school starts again.. boo)

I cant wait

ps - however there are a few things I may have gotten a little too used to. Like - I am really going to miss not having to cook (haven't cooked in over a month) not having to clean, and most of all not having to shave.


  1. Brooke! I know you are so excited for Freeland to be home. Randy was gone the past week and a half and leaves again next week for 3 days. Add to that he is working 12-hour shifts all weekend! Whew! One thing I've learned, I don't like being single! ha ha ha! So glad your trip went well and can't wait to see more pics from it.

  2. You would enjoy the not shaving part. You guys are so natural!! I'm so happy he is coming home!! I know you have missed each other like crazy. Love you bunches!!!

  3. I would love to hear all about your trip! I stayed in a hotel in Kampala my first night that overlooked Lake Victoria! I miss it there so much!