Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the last few days of our last summer break

Currently Freeland is having a root canal done. OUCH! (both physically and financially speaking)

Then we are off to eat lots of soup and drink lots of liquids the rest of the afternoon.

Here's the deal. As you all know Freeland is on his very last summer break. And lets be honest when he is sleeping in its not easy for me to be motivated to wake up & start my work day. Which means my schedule is also all out of whack. Which means the rest of my life is out of whack. Not that Im good at getting anything done normally but its even worse now.

And (dont read this part Freeland) his summer break is going by FAST! In just a short 13 more days he will be back at school!


So Im really avoiding sitting down at the computer because I only get him all to myself for a few more days. Once school starts again Im sure I will have PLENTY of time to sit on the computer while he is studying again.

But we have been trying to soak up every day we can.. grilling out, drinking sangria, taking the dogs on walks, sleeping later than usual, going to all the festivals we can, reading on the hammock, eating smores, and hanging out with friends.. and our family thats come all the way from Texas to visit..

and plenty of other things.

SO eventually I promise to get all the rest of our pictures posted on here. (and to all of you that I have promised pictures to .. those will be sent to you soon too! I promise) But for the time being Im taking a mini break. (seems like this entire summer I have been taking a break)

PS - Have I mentioned how much I love summers up here? If not - I LOVE THEM!!


  1. I would love for you to take some photos of my family in our backyard. How much do you charge for a an hour or more of your time?

  2. thank you so much! I would love to talk to you about pictures but Im not sure how to get in touch with you! Do you mind emailing me: Brooke.Ackley (at) ... or leaving your email address & then we can go from there! Thanks for your comment! Look forward to talking to you! Brooke