Thursday, July 2, 2009

just another week + 1 day

Us outside our hotel in Entebbe .. chillaxing after a long day playing with kids

When I get emails from Freeland telling me every detail about his day (seriously every detail. I love it) and how he loves what he is getting to do but is ready to be back home with his smokin hot wife (thats me) .. I realize how much I miss him.

and then when I wake up and its raining in the morning .. (because it has been the last 4 days & he happens to be the worlds best cuddler) - I realize how much I miss him

but also when I had to mow the yard on Sunday and when I have to balance the check book & make sure bills are paid - I realize how much I miss him

and today when I smelled something funny and discovered the dogs got sick all over our carpet (you dont even want to know what that entails when its a dog that weighs over 175 pounds) .. I realize I miss him

all the days when I sit down and see a movie on TV I want to watch - I realize how much I miss him

and when I go to bed at night and the other side of the bed is empty .. and there isnt anyone saying turn out the light so we can go to sleep or laughing at my retainers - I really realize how much I miss him

but also when I stare at ugly walls that need to be painted - I realize how much I miss him

or when our vacuum breaks and I have no idea how to fix it .. or when I have to do laundry by myself and there isnt anyone here to see what a huge accomplishment that is and celebrate it with me - I miss him

but its the worst when he is able to call for a few minutes and I get to hear his voice and hear him laugh - I really really realize how much I miss him then.

and the list goes on and on and on... just another week + 1 day.

(Yall must be dying - it will be an entire month since you last saw Freeland by the time he gets home .. how are you dealing?!)

PS - oh and the dogs are fine. They arent sick anymore! not to worry.

PPS - I didnt brush my hair for pretty much the entire 2 weeks we were in Africa.. I did wash it. Just never brushed it.


  1. He's been gone so long, I even miss him, and I don't even know him!