Wednesday, July 15, 2009

joy comes in the morning

As I said before having Freeland home has been wonderful.. and honestly couldnt have been at a better time. He got in on Friday night and then on Saturday morning we got some news that one of our close friends up here was going through something very tragic & hard. And honestly something that Im still having a hard time believing has even happened.

I have tried to think of how to share this or if I even should for some time now. But I havent. And I still wont obviously because its not the time, place, or mine to share.

I will say this though - the last few days have been bitterly hard & incredibly sweet at the same time. And if you think about it - our friends could use your prayer. Its truly been an honor to see God move & bring joy & peace through something so hard.. So that is the part I will share.

You realize when something like this happens exactly what community is for. You realize how much the relationships you have really mean and why the people who are in your life are there for such a specific reason. You realize how quickly God prepares your hearts for each other and what an honor it is to be able to share the joyful moments and the hard moments too. You realize that even though you feel so helpless - your tears & prayers are enough.

I truly feel blessed getting to walk through this with their family and just be there to grieve with them. Its been incredible seeing everyone come together .. and I know everyone else feels the same way. And even though nobody understands why such hard things happens all we can do is just pray & know that God is Good. I dont feel like I need to elaborate on how good God is even in the midst of tragedy. Im sure in some way everyone has experienced this. And my words would never do it justice.

But if you think about it please be praying for our friends.

Camille posted a sweet blog & a song on her blog also if you want to listen to that click here.


  1. Will pray. We don't need to know more details really, just pass on to your friend that people are praying. :)