Thursday, July 16, 2009

its peanut butter jelly time..

PB&J Sandwiches
do you remember that song? "its peanut butter jelly time.." its stuck in my head
everyday in Africa we ate PB&J Sandwiches
This was the one My loving husband made for me that day
Some people were sick of the sandwiches by the end of the trip
Not me
I loved it
and still crave them everyday
it felt like I was back in school again

Speaking of school - Freeland is taking a test right now
Yes, in the middle of summer he has an exam
The joys of med school.. but really its just to get it out of the way so he doesnt have to do it during the semester when everything else is so busy.

Oh and I havent told you that we have visitors coming! Freelands mom & Carl are coming in tomorrow. And then my mom & Mark are coming the next week! Its going to be fun. We have lots planned. Im sure more than anything (besides seeing us) they will just love being out of the Texas heat.

Stay tuned I promise to post more pictures from the Orphanage and around Uganda so you can see what it was like! And now that Freeland is home - Summer has officially started - which means the festivals around Erie are in full swing!

Thank you for your emails & thoughts about our friends! They said before that they definitely feel everyone's prayers so I know they covet all of yours now.


  1. I love pb&j's! But I'm not a huge fan of that song even though Josh sings it a lot. =)

  2. I am a "Purist" do not want anything messing up my peanut butter! I eat PB almost everyday for lunch!