Tuesday, June 2, 2009

while we all wait on the edge of our seats for a recap of our trip

.. I will leave you with this:

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  1. OH BROOKE-I HATE that you went Blonde again-they get such a bad rap. I actually know PLENTY of brunettes that are just as ditzy! Good to see you both. Hope to be back early August-JUST TO SEE if it every get warm up there!

  2. Howdy Brooke, this is Sam Irwin. You probably don't remember me but our dads were friends back in the day and my brothers and I hung out with you and your bro years and years ago. I've been wondering how all of you were doing. Please tell your pops and brother hello for me. I'm so happy you are doing great. Life seems to have turned out perfect for you! Also tell your dad that Pete, my little brother, and I are huge Mavs fans too and that we feel all the pain he feels! Take Care!