Monday, June 29, 2009

One of us is home ..

I am back in the US of A .. (shh.. Ive been back for a few days now. Just hiding I guess)
I am still trying to process everything and Im not sure that I ever will.
I am definitely touched & have been deeply changed by our trip
I am especially shocked we didnt bring back a baby with us
I am so excited to tell you all about the last 2 weeks
and Im more in love with Freeland than I ever have been
I have a lot more to pray about
I feel restored and lost all at the same time
I really hope & pray that God calls us to go back again one day

in the mean time while I still slowly crawl out of my hole that I have been enjoying here is a song that Im l-o-v-i-n right now:

The Call - Regina Spektor

For too many reasons to list I love this song.

Freeland is now in Kenya. He has sent me the most wonderful emails every day and we have been able to talk some too (thanks to skype) Its been sad being home and adjusting without him but Im also so incredibly thankful he is there and he is having the best time. Bob got on the phone last night while we were talking and said "I believe Freeland & I are long lost brothers" that made my heart jump. How wonderful & crazy is it the way God planned all this out!

Thank you again for all your prayers. Once I get some other things organized I promise to start uploading pictures! (we took about 3,000 pictures - no joke)

PS - I mowed the grass all by myself yesterday! Im very proud of myself.
PPS - Extreme Home Makeover is currently in Erie so maybe I can also sneak over and get some pictures of that too!


  1. I'm so glad you are back!!! I have been missing you. I will continue to pray for Free. Love you both!!

  2. Welcome back! I've been thinking good thoughts for you both and I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  3. can't wait to hear the updates!!! we thought of and prayed for you guys so much!!! love you!!! V & Z

  4. looking forward to hearing about how the Lord worked in your life while you were in Africa. I think our next GG should just be you telling us about your trip. =)

  5. My mom's next door neighbors in Titusville (45 miles south of Erie) just went to Kenya this week. He is a pastor at a local church. How crazy is that??