Friday, May 15, 2009

whoopsie daisy

So I got on to write an update about our trip. (a VERY EXCITING update too)

But it turns out that I have apparently made a mistake.

While Freeland was reviewing everything & talking with BWO today he realized that somehow I told them my passport says Brooke Ackley when really it still says Brooke CHISUM!!!!!!!!!!!!


No big deal right. Just get it changed - and fast. Only problem - we already booked our tickets!

So now we are in quite the predicament. We're figuring it out though. And I know it will all work out. Ive put in a call to see if its best for me to change my ticket to Brooke Chisum (because I still have ID's that are current & valid and show Brooke Chisum) or expedite a new passport .. and pray for the next 2 weeks that it gets here fast!

That is if they haven't already changed my plane ticket to Brooke Chisum.

Oh jeez. Of course.

THE FUNNIEST PART ABOUT ALL OF THIS IS - Freeland has taken care of EVERY single detail of this trip. The planning, the dates, the shots, the tickets, the money, the phone calls, the paperwork, the emails, etc. etc. etc.

The ONE .. seriously .. THE ONE & ONLY thing I have done to help with the details was to tell them what my passport said.

So the one thing I was in charge of is the only thing that has gone wrong! Lesson learned - Im never helping again. I will always and forever leave every single detail to Freeland! :) Sadly, he kind of agrees with that idea too!

Another funny note: I noticed the address hadnt been updated on my passport months ago and worried about that. Never did it occur to me that my name wasnt right!!

I'll keep you posted. I know one way or another Im getting into that country! (I hear I should be more worried about being allowed to leave though!) Whoopsie!


  1. The Lord's work in your lives regarding this trip has been clearly evident from the beginning. I know he is going to continue to be faithful so you two can serve him this summer in Africa. I'm already excited to hear how the Lord will work this out for you two. =)

  2. BC & I had to pay extra one time for an "expedited" passport, so I know you can get them haste-pronto-BUT it does cost more!

  3. Brooke,
    I'm pretty sure that as long as you have your marriage license with you, that will work, because it has your maiden name on it. That's what they told me when we went on a cruise this past summer!

    I'm not sure about Africa though - that may be a little different! But you might check and see! :)

  4. I agree with Robineilene about the marriage license along with your ids. We had to expedite 5 passports in 24 hours for a show I worked on once for Tokyo. It isn't exactly cheap, but worst case scenario, it may be an option. It will all work out!

  5. Ha ha. I had the same thing happen shortly after we were married. I traveled under my maiden name on my passport although my ticket was booked under my married name. Everything was fine - maybe just carry a copy of your marriage certificate.

  6. when i went to spain my passport got here in like a week and a half so i thinnk youll be okay. i didnt even expedite it, it depends on the time of year i guess.