Friday, May 1, 2009

a preview of our new house

Whenever I give someone gifts I always have to preface it & explain it to them first - before they open it - and after they see it. It KILLS me if Im not able to. I try to stop myself sometimes but before I know it Im blabbing on about why I picked it out.. where its from.. why I thought they would like it.. etc. etc.

So the same applies here. I want to preface this.

Half of these pictures were taken while I was walking/talking/and sneaking my camera out because of felt bad taking pictures of someone's house. Then half way through the current tenants said they didnt mind if we took pictures - so lets all understand that.. okay?

Second, the family that currently lives there has 4 children and the husband is in school and they are packing at the same time. So this is their house while they are in the middle of all of that.

While I wish we were at a place in our lives that we could buy a house - that just isnt possible. And even though this house isnt perfect.. and our current house isnt perfect.. Im just thankful they are both places we enjoy (and will take our zoo) while we rent. Its crazy to me how this opportunity literally just fell into our laps. And we're thankful for pretty much the same price we will have room again.

The people who live there now were so kind to let us come back to the house and talk to us for over an hour and tell us every detail about it. They really dont have any complaints - which is exciting to us. We're really excited about the move. Well to live there - not excited about the actual process of moving.

So without further ado here is a preview of where we are moving for our family to see:

The living room:

living room
Im standing on the stairs in this picture. To the right is the front door and the sun room and to the left is the kitchen and dining room.. but what you are probably actually noticing (especially if you are me) is that this room will seat more than 4 people! (unlike our current living room)

living room
that doorway over there goes to the kitchen.. and you can also see the stairs I was standing on.. and a cute little baby too!

living room
straight ahead is the dining room .. but before we head there ..

this is the little sun room in the front of the house:
sun room


okay back to the dining room where we can actually fit our table now:

dining room

I love all the windows.

to your left is another entrance to the Kitchen:



And I would like to pause for just a moment to point out that on the left you will see a microwave just above the oven .. this is proof to my mom that we are going to make it after all:) (we currently dont have a microwave and have somehow managed to get by.. my mom offers all the time to buy us one but I refuse to give up the counter space. We've actually enjoyed not having a microwave. But Im sure now that we will have it again it will be nice.) so there you go - thats the microwave. Sigh of relief for my family.

straight ahead is a little mudroom and how you get to the backyard and garage

and if you were to turn around in that last picture you would see the door to the basement through the kitchen - but I forgot to take a picture of that (sorry) just know its large and in charge.. complete with a bathroom (where "bathroom" means a random toilet and shower in it but thats a common thing up here for you southerners who read the blog. I was just as shocked the first time we saw it too)

now lets take a looksy at the upstairs. you walk straight up to the hallway with the bedrooms/bathroom/and door to the attic:


onto the bedrooms:

this is the door to the bedroom in case you were wondering.

this bedroom is actually the master bedroom.. it has a huge beautiful window in it which I enjoy. Currently 3 of their boys share this room:


I didnt really get a decent picture of the other bedrooms (because thats when i was sneaking my camera and taking them from pretty much my coat pocket) but you can imagine.. they are bedrooms.

this is the bathroom:


it currently has wallpaper that is coming off the walls.. so that will need to be fixed. yay! other than that its in decent shape.


moving along.. lets go upstairs and preview the attic:

I should tell you - these stairs are not easy to get up. I mean for me they are - but Im only 5'2. Freeland however is not so he has to bend down to get up them.

this is the attic

now if you turn to your left there is a door to another room. this is what you will find:

attic room
dads office turned into a game room.

we arent exactly sure what to do with the room. Maybe it will be just storage? It would be too hard to get desks up the stairs and make this our office.. but we shall see.


and then if you walk out of that room.. this is what you see:


and thats the attic. Do you all like how I gave you more details about the attic than any other room? For some reason thats the one I took the most pictures of! Sorry.

Do you notice anything else missing? Yep, I forgot to take pictures of the garage, backyard, and front of the house too! But you know what - we move in just 31 days so Im sure we can all wait to see those right?

We're really excited. We tried to start planning where we are going to put what .. and what colors we want to paint all the rooms. Its going to be a work in progress for awhile. But Im okay with that. Freeland wants to do green in the living room like we had at our old house in Waco. I havent decided. I loved that color - but Im just not sure. All I know is I am a little overwhelmed by all the painting that will need to take place. (im having flash backs to our old house and how much painting we had to do) But it will be worth it once its all done. I just cant wait to have a backyard and living room that will allow us to have more than 2 guest over again!

Promise to post pictures of our current casa asap.


  1. Brooke,
    I have a question about the online giving for your mission trip. Can you email me at


  2. I can't believe you currently don't have a microwave. Good for you for getting by without one.

  3. That's a pretty home Brookie! I love that you have a little sun room, those are the best!!

  4. Your new house looks great! There is so much room and that attic will be great for storage!

    You are so silly sneaking remind me of one of my friends.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I always have to do that too when i give presents. My mom does it to me and sometimes it bothers me but I have to remind myself that I always have to do it too. I always mean to tell you this but always forget. I was looking at your pictures below of the baby and I think you have a really good eye for photography. I dont know if you are into it or not, (i mean obviously you like taking pictures) but are you into photography? Because you have a really good eye. I havent yet read a blog of yours where youve mentioned it (it could be a part of you everyone knows about except me) but I was just curious because I do art, not really photgraphy, but have always thought you take neat pictures! :)

  6. Looks like you will have so much space! How exciting to move into a new place!
    Oh but the moving part... not so fun! Good luck with everything!