Monday, May 11, 2009


this is currently serving as an outlet for me to be distracted.

This weekend was wonderful. I was heart broken when we took Z & V to the airport yesterday. It was so refreshing having them here. It seemed just like we were back in Waco. Freeland & I noticed that when we are around them we kind of forget everything else going on. Like we get sucked into our own little world with them or something. Does that make sense or is it just creepy? We squeezed a lot into one weekend & had a blast!

Now that they are gone the freaking out process has begun.

I woke up this morning overwhelmed with what is to come in the next 2 weeks. So I just went back to sleep! Oops! I think I talked myself into the idea that I need to get up every morning at 5:00 to get it all done. (that wont actually happen but it would be nice if it did)

We haven't packed one single box for our move. SO that's the first big thing that needs to start. Freeland is studying hard for his last few test (and counting down the days until his first year of school is ov-a forever) Work is - work. You all understand. Its busy and Im continually always behind. I want to just stop everything and focus on our trip. Pray about our trip. Find more time to "be prepared" if you could ever really be prepared? And then there all the other stuff.

But we all have stuff going on. So I will stop.

Anywho, once I get "caught up" at work I will post some pictures from this weekend.

Speaking of pictures, we also convinced Zach & Vanessa into letting us take pictures of them. I say "we" because Freeland knew I was way too nervous to take that first step myself so he came up with the idea and did it all with me as I took the first baby steps in this process. Point is: I officially had my first photo shoot ever. And I'm L-O-V-I-N the pictures and how they turned out. (more on all of this later) But I just wanted to say thank you for all your continual encouragement. It really is sweet & means a lot. Ive really taken what yall have said to heart.

Again once I get at least 1 thing on my to do list done .. or pack 1 box .. then I will post some of those pictures.

Here are a few other thoughts:
  • Mary had her baby - Joy is doing amazing! What an answer to prayers. Check out her blog to see pictures! (and the story if you dont already know it) God is good.
  • I don't know how I feel about the "followers" thing that Blogger added to the dashboard. I love knowing the people who follow the blog. BUUT today I saw that I lost one follower and it made me really sad. Why dont they "follow" anymore? Where did they go? Was it something I said? Silly I know.
  • Will someone come clean my house - or even just the top of my desk?
  • Maddie & Oliver totally remembered Zach. It was sweet watching them reunite.
  • We both get more shots tomorrow.. and Thursday
  • I havent seen Henry in waaaaaaay too long.
  • I ordered myself early birthday presents. (a book & camera strap if you must know)
  • Sam is cuddling with Freeland at the moment. Its sweet. He is giving her kisses and Im pretty sure he is also having a conversation with her too.
  • We (meaning Freeland) just set up all our utilities to be transferred to the new house. Check that off the list of overwhelming things to do in the next 2 weeks
  • SNL this weekend was funny.
  • Freeland & I meet some fabulous photographers last week who took our pictures (more on that later) It was a blast and I loved getting to see how they set up shots and "work their magic" I learned a lot.
  • OH MY GOODNESS - I need to update you on our trip. Soon! I pinky promise!


  1. So the real world sucked today! I just wanted to go back to sleepin in till 9 and having the zoo visit us early in the morning! Z and I loved loved bein with you guys this weekend! Ps Ur both so creative and b ur an amazing photographer! Love you!

  2. I posted one of the pics (the one you've seen) on the blog! I hope to post more soon........

    :) you are awesome! are you guys staying in Erie or moving away? :-\

  3. we are super excited about you two living closer to us. We won't get sick of us. :) We will be available to help you with the move.
    Miss ya too! CL