Thursday, May 21, 2009

now its official

cherry blossoms
The Cherry Blossoms in Erie for your viewing pleasure

Freeland is now officially done with his first year of med school!! He worked so hard & he made it. 1 year under his belt and he is no longer a "first year" anymore. Boo Ya!

SOME say that the first year is the hardest. If this was the hardest it gets I can handle that. Not saying its always easy or that it wont get harder - but so far we have both made it work. (with the help of lots of great friends & support) Freelands done a wonderful job balancing life, school, studying, all the pressure, and our marriage all at once. And he still manages to help me clean, cook, and take care of all the other stuff. (Maybe he is the reason it works.)

So in honor of being done he is currently downstairs packing up our kitchen. And I am upstairs working. Great way to celebrate huh? Not to worry - the celebrating begins tomorrow when we head for Cleveland.. to then catch a flight to San Diego on Saturday. My dad was generous and booked a hotel for us in Cleveland on Friday night so we could go early and start celebrating. (it was also because he generously booked our flights at 6:00am so we would have had to leave Erie at 3:00am otherwise) but it worked out to be a huge blessing because we can go enjoy ourselves in Cleveland for the day.

The weather outside is BEAU-TI-FUL! Im absolutely loving it and so glad that soon we can actually get out there & enjoy it ourselves! Let the celebrating begin ...

PS - did any of you watch Glee???


  1. Not sure if you like Thai, but whenever I am in Cleveland I make a stop at Lemon Grass Restaurant ( It's delicious and it only reinforces my cravings for Thai food (and my desire for Erie to get a restaurant).

    PS Congrats! 1 year down!

  2. Glee- yes! It's like Freeks and Geeks mixed with High School Musical with a dash of Popular and some Wonder Years mixed in. And funny. I loved it. The main girl is from Spring Awakening. She is a little too theatrical for me, but I am looking forward to what the season holds this Fall.

  3. YAY! Go Freeland! I didn't see Glee...I'll have to check it out.

  4. those are SO PRETTY!!! great pics brooke!!

  5. I live in Cleveland... let me know if you need any recommendations for food or fun things to do! :D I love this city.

    P.S. I suppose I should introduce myself... Hi. My name is Krista. I've been following your blog for awhile now... I read about the The Jennings' blog on and then found your blog thru theirs. I was born in raised in Erie... so it's interesting to hear your guys' brand new perspectives of the city I grew up in! I moved to Cleveland for college and have stayed here since.

    Love your blog! Keep it up! :)

  6. CONGRATS you two! I bet you are so relieved to have this year behind you! Hope you have a wonderful dinner tonight to celebrate!!

  7. Loved loved LOVED Glee!!

    Congrats to Freeland!

    I'll have lots of boxes for you when you get back if you still need them! Have a safe and FUN trip!

  8. Way to go, Freeland! Yup, I'd say the first year is one of the hardest. Lots of adjustments. Third year's schedule is challenging but you guys will be pros at dealing with it all by then, right?! :)

  9. Hope you both have a wonderful time in San Diego. Happy Birthday (early) since I won't get to wish you a happy bday here in Erie.

  10. Congrats to BOTH of you for one year of med school completed! It's definitely an adventure you are both embarking on together.

    After a year of med school single and a year of med school married, I can definitely say that married is better! Though it does take more time being married, the encouragement from a spouse is invaluable. Keep up the good work!

    Enjoy your summer!

  11. I tagged you in my blog! Congrats to Freeland on his first year being DONE! I know he did a great job! :) Have fun on yalls trip! yea!