Friday, May 8, 2009

dear friday, i love you.

oh me oh my Im so glad that its Friday. Aren't we all?

But more importantly I am SO excited that Zach & Vanessa are finally here!

I almost peed me pants yesterday I was so excited picking them up from the airport. Zach got in at 12:30 and then Vanessa came in at 9:30 so we just spent the day in Cleveland running around.

Since there aren't any some stores in Erie - when we go to any of the cities around here (Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh) we always end up running around to all of them trying to get as much done as possible. Normally I am returning things. (shocker)

But yesterday I am proud to say I actually bought stuff (with gift cards - thats another story for another time - but I have a problem actually using gift cards so I end up keeping them for years while I try to decide what to spend them on.. okay well that was the story so I guess I dont have to tell it another time)

Funny side note: One of the things I bought with a gift card - is the exact same thing I returned to receive the gift card a year earlier. Did that make sense? I have a problem.

Anywho - Im off to get some work done before our dear Texas friends wake up! Then its off to spend the next 3 days doing as much as possible and trying to convince them not to leave! Have a great weekend! Brooke


  1. Have a wonderful time with them!
    It is so nice to have familiar faces come to visit!
    Go ride the Ravine Flyer at Waldmeer this weekend! It is soooo worth it. I think we might on Saturday if it is not too crowded....Opening Weekend!

  2. so here i am, finally following your blog, finally finding you on twitter, etc. ah! Also I friended you on facebook so that we could tag your pictures :)

    we had so much fun! your blog is ROCKIN.

  3. Oh my gosh, you guys were so adorable on Wednesday, then Rachel sends me to your blog -- you guys are awesome, too cute! :)

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  5. Have so much fun with your friends! I love the buying the same thing with the gift card story, probably b/c I relate, I am kinda happy to know you did that :)