Wednesday, April 15, 2009

youre like an onion with lots of layers

So I had a doctors appointment yesterday. (not the shots - this one was later in the day. And if you are keeping track that means I was at the doctor twice yesterday for a total of 4 hours) it was a follow up appointment for some things .. and mostly my toe.

yes.. its still not better. and yes.. its actually worse. and yes its still really really gross.

Thankfully Freeland was able to come with me to the appointment. After asking the doctor a few questions he told me "you're like an onion with lots of layers.." WHAT??? Okay. I guess. Im confused. Do I say thank you or should I be offended?

Freeland left the appointment incredibly frustrated. After discussing why Freeland was frustrated.. and how he felt like the Doctor didnt answer any of our questions, didn't listen to what I was saying, didnt help at all.. I realized something - I wasnt frustrated. I actually felt like the doctor listened more than any other doctor has to me. (which isn't saying much) This was eye opening to Freeland.

And I think he started to understand why every time he asks if I want to go to the doctor I say no. Side note: It was also interesting to have him there with me since he has been learning all of this recently. (how to do patient visits) he was very aware of everything the nurse & doctor both did right and wrong. It was eye opening to see the difference between what you are "supposed" to do and what doctors actually do.

Point is: My toe still hurts & looks gross. My body is apparently broken - or an onion with lots of layers.. But really if these are my biggest complaints - I really have nothing to complain about.

And at this moment I am fully aware of that. Seriously.Very.Aware.Of.That.

Also, I think Freeland is going to be a great doctor. He actually knows the difference between hearing & listening to a patient. And I think thats one of the most important (if not THE most important) thing.

Off to bake cupcakes. (during my lunch break) and I PROMISE an update on the important stuff.. hopefully today.

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