Monday, April 20, 2009

our support letters

First of all, thank you (again and as always) for all of your encouragement and support. And especially for every single one of your prayers. We both feel like everyone has the opportunity to play a different part in missions & that it always looks different for each person & family. (whether that means actually going to another country, working in your own city or neighborhood, committing to praying for those who are going, providing financial support, etc.) All this to say - those of you who have been so encouraging to us, those of you who have asked how you could help, those of you who have prayed for us - even those of you that we dont know - you are all just as much a part of our trip and the work that God will be doing in Africa as we are.

Last week when I posted the update I never thought or expected anyone to express a desire to join in on helping us. While a few of our family and friends have suggested we post a link to how anyone could help financially support us we still were unsure if we should do it or not. Even though we both feel a HUGE peace about raising financial support we realize that not everyone shares the same opinions and thoughts about it and we never wanted it to look as if we were asking anyone for money.

Then you asked. Then we thought & prayed about it more. Then we also realized just because its on here doesn't mean that anybody has to give us anything. So then we decided we would post the link to where you can send support.

So, here is what we sent out to our family & friends so they could pray for us:

Dear Friends and Family,

You are receiving this letter, because you have faithfully loved, supported, and encouraged us. Now, as we prepare to go on a mission trip to Africa, we will need that love, support, and encouragement more than ever!

As many of you know, over the last few years Freeland and I have dreamed and talked at length about doing missions work in the future, specifically medical missions. Even closer to our heart, are orphans that are in need. Although we really have enjoyed our time thinking about it and praying for it, we never knew if or when we would have the chance to go - until now. We are thrilled and thankful to share with you an exciting opportunity that the Lord has placed before us this summer to be able to serve.

We will first be going to serve with Believers World Outreach in Jinja, Uganda. (June 10th-24th) While there we will be a part of a group of people that will give primary medical care, work with orphaned children, build new houses with renewable energy and do outreaches to share Christ with the people of Jinja. Freeland will be able to join their medical team while I will have the opportunity to serve their local orphanage. After the first two weeks, I will come home & Freeland will stay in Africa and travel to Kijabe, Kenya (June 24th-July 10th) and work with a local hospital though CURE International. The hospital there specializes in pediatric orthopedics and trains local Kenyans to treat physically disabled children.

As you can imagine, we’re very excited about this opportunity. We feel so blessed and undeserving at the same time. Our lives are a mess. Fortunately God uses broken vessels, so we are not going to allow our imperfection to get in the way of God using the passions He has given us and the opportunity He has created. We have personally felt the Lord tugging on our hearts to take a step of faith and trust HIM! We are going to answer that call.

Here’s where you can help! We cannot accomplish this alone, so we are asking you to be apart of this mission trip with us. We would like to ask you to pray about how the Lord can use you in supporting this venture.

First of all, we won’t be able to go on this trip without financial support. We need to raise $7,500 to pay for the cost of the trip. Unfortunately, we did not learn about this trip until just now, so time is of the essence. Therefore, one half of our trip payment is due no later than April 15th and the rest is due by June 1st. If you have a heart for missions, and are able to contribute financially, please fill out the pledge form and return it to us.

Most importantly, we covet prayer support from all of you. We would ask you to make a commitment to pray for us. We specifically want to pray for the people God will have us serving - that they would see Him through us and come to know Him personally. We also want to pray that during this time we will begin to see how God is calling us to serve in the future. We are hopeful that this summer will plant an even larger desire in our hearts and open our eyes to where the Lord is leading us in the future.

We are very excited about the opportunity to minister and be the hands and feet of Christ to the lost and hurting people of Uganda and Kenya. So please join us in this great adventure, and again thank you and God bless you for your support!

In Christ, Brooke & Freeland Ackley

PS: You can find out more information on these organizations from their websites:

*the 2 pictures are from the Mendonsa's Website

For those of you who asked or are interested, if you would like to donate online you may do so at (click on the link to go to their page)

- Once you are on their website all you need to do is select the top “give” button under “Missionary Support”.
- You will be redirected to PayPal. This is the paypal website that Believers World Outreach has set up. If you already have a paypal account you can use that. If not you just enter in your information.
- Please make sure on the second page under Purpose you select the small blue box that says “add special instructions to the seller” and note in the comment box that the donation is for Brooke & Freeland Ackley. Our account number is: 400-09.

I dont think I can say it enough - thank you! thank you! thank you! For every single thought, prayer, you encouragement, your excitement, and for believing in what God is doing.


  1. I sent y'all a donation - Good luck and have a great time! Hopefully my little bit helps.

  2. You are wise to utilize God's economy to do God's work for the least among us.

    This has worked in ways too wonderful for me to know in three separate areas of Africa, and brought many friends from that continent to my heart.

    Elizabeth Rapuleng is a Zulu in South Africa ministering to Aids Orphans. As a teacher, she was confounded to note her children not coming to class. She went to their home and found the tykes wandering, as mom and dad were dead of aids. She took in 12 on her meager pay. She now has over 500 to support in her day care.
    I met her in NYC to raise funds from philanthropy groups there. I found much song-and-dance from the wealthy, but she left better that she arrived.

    A woman from Washington (state) wrote me of her work putting in water wells in Uganda. Carolyn Kurowski formed and operates Hands Across Nations. Folks were getting drinking water from mud. She sinks a pipe into the spring, adds a cement retainer wall, and a spigot, and clear water flows three feet above the ground to draw fresh anytime. Her son in LA raises the needed funding.

    A friend from Wisconsin moved to Amsterdam. He went to aids orphan camps throughout Africa. He had made a committment to hand out 1,000 stuffed animals to dying children to hold as the only gift/toy of their young life.
    He paid for most the first year as few dolls, etc arrived. I asked him to double the promise next year...with faith; hard to do as an atheist.

    2,000 cuddle toys came through, and he distributed them to dying kids.

    I asked him to double again, and the following year 4,000 were distributed.

    The Netherlands took notice of his work and among ten folks there, he was nominated and won as Man who best reflected Netherlands Internationally, (an AMERICAN) and went on TV there for an hour.
    He spoke of kids clutching these dolls as they died.

    One little tyke was pictured on my refrigerator, clutching a Beanie baby. Her name was Samma. The kids refused to take medicines to live, as they believe white man is trying to kill their race. Five year old Samma (the girl on my refrigerator pic) convinced the kids to take the needed meds. I laughed in email exchanges with Bernie that a country would allow a 5 year old to practice medicine without a license!

    He wrote me shortly after that Emma is now a saint; she died at age 5.

    Moali was pushed onto her step dad after her parents died. He raped her repeatedly. Elizabeth did everything she could to release Moali, and it was reported in the Chicago Tribune. Elizabeth could teach Moali, but not afford Board and Food.
    A woman in Illinois asked me if Elizabeth was genuine and on the up and up.
    While raising two small girls in Illinois (age 3 and 6), Alice sends the money to Elizabeth to free Moali....who said in the Chicago Trib "There is no one to help me".
    God found someone to help Moali.

    In God's economy, there was one middle class family who read her plight, cried, and acted on her behalf. Moali is growing into a fine young girl now.

    If you have a stash of Beanie Babies or clean dolls to comfort a child as they die, Bernie's outfit is called Kuddles for Kids (one word on Google) and can use every stuffed animal he gets.
    (He constantly finds new orphanages everywhere, with aids orphans, and asks for encouragement letters to the folks who run the places.

    Sister Priscilla comes to mind. The religious leaders are men, and threatened by the work of a woman. It is cultural subordination and hinders her work to help kids.

    (I call the stuffed toys "Bernie Babies" now).

    After the TV show, I told Bernie to double the 4,000 commitment of toys. He did, most hesitatingly.
    I still recall his joy at telling me over 10,000 dolls came in for "his" children. He has found a lifetime vocation now. He is among the poorest of men by our standards, and one of the richest men I ever knew, by another standard.

    Carolyn warned me of one guy in Uganda.
    Google Joseph Kony.
    Prayers of protection and provision are needed for Brooke and Freeland.

    Kony leads The Lord's Liberation Army, all children forced to kill their parents and do his bidding. Few are 12 years old. He is a perversion of the Lord's name in his titled army.
    We are largely ignorant in this country of what is going on in the dark continent.

    But helping Brooke and Freeland will bring some light to the darkest part of the world. They bring light from the Kingdom of Heaven.

    The last I emailed Elizabeth in South Africa, I asked of all things, what does she need most?
    (I still have clothing to ship to her, but freight is $967. She shopped from NYC to Vermont for "her kids" to have clothes; I still have some of them as they did not fit on the plane home.)

    Elizabeth replied that the one thing she needed most....
    was prayer.

    God is FOR you Brooke.
    With Freeland and God, everything else will fall into place. You are His hands and feet. May the Body of Christ be with you.