Friday, April 24, 2009

lovely day

dear friends, there is so much to update all of you on. (in due time)

Im not sure where the week has gone. but its pretty much gone! Its been sunny / rainy / sunny / rainy etc. all week long. I couldn't figure out this weather!

But then it occurred to me - this is just another season. Spring! Its nice to meet you! We're still getting used to the whole 4 season thing!

See, I imagine spring being nothing but sunshine and flowers.. but doesn't the saying go: "April showers bring May flowers.." (which bring June bugs if you are in Texas) So I guess this is what an actual spring is maybe supposed to look like? I mean don't get me wrong - it rains in Texas! And its also beautiful this time of year in Texas (you can actually plant flowers before May 15th there and bluebonnets are everywhere!) But we jump from "winter" to summer before you know it there so Im just embracing a Spring here.. Where it ranges from 35-70 degrees on any given day. It rains but then its a beautiful afternoon.. and only up North would you find anyone (freeland & I) sitting on the porch in our swimsuits when its 45 degrees outside. Never in my life would 45 degrees have been warm enough to even be outside before! I actually felt HOT the other day when it was 55 degrees outside! Such a wimp now! But Im loving spring up north so far.

Ive been shockingly productive at work this week. Which really makes me feel fabulous. I can also actually see the top of my desk again. But in the process of that I broke our shredder because I was shoving so much paper in it. (although Im still sticking to my "i promise it was just 1 sheet at a time" story) The hubs has a big test on Monday so he has also had a productive week studying and getting prepared. And of course we have spent every afternoon at the hospital visiting Henry as well!

At the moment I am uploading more pictures from this week (so stay tuned) I will post some more today.

Happy Friday.


  1. i cant wait to hear about Africa. I think we are going to go next year and can hardly wait!
    Glad your week was productive. Mine was CRAZY but weather in TN is awesome right now. It is outside/get some color/active kind of weekend!