Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guess who we get to see soon?!?

zach & vanessa
Z & V on their wedding day

Last night we got a phone call .. and before I knew who it was I could totally guess by the look on Freelands face. (or maybe by the way he was talking?! :)

It was Zach & Vanessa!! (Yes, the same friends who did this for us)

And they weren't just calling to tell us hi .. they were giving us the best most exciting news ever.

They were booking flights to come visit us!

I of course was quickly yelling in the background: "OMG they are coming here?!! Tell them Im so excited .. tell them to book their flights as early as possible so we get as much time together as possible.. oh my gosh Im not going to sleep the entire time they are here... ask if they can just stay once they are here... tell them I cant wait... tell them..." etc. etc. etc.

To say we are excited is such an understatement! The best part - we only have to wait 3 weeks!! Which still feels too long - hurry up and get up here! I want to see your faces! (and Im pretty sure our little zoo is going to FREAK OUT when they see yall!)

Seriously look how cute they are:

zach & vanessa
(I stole this from their blog - hope thats okay Vanessa!)


  1. Hi there...
    I went back to look at "what they did for you box"... and it said you lived in WACO? As in WACO Texas? I lived there!

  2. HI... I lived there in the 80's like 86-89' grade school.. I still keep in contact thru facebook with old grade school friends from there, that still live there! I wonder if we know any of the same people! Not many people say they lived in good ol' Waco! :) How funny!

  3. So excited to see you guys too!!!! I just booked my connecting flight from BWI to CLE:)!!!!! Thanks for being so flex with us!!! And ya'll better let us buy you dinner or something... just be prepared to receive-k- love you guys!!!!