Monday, April 13, 2009

going under the .. needle

Today is the big day. The day I start my shots for Africa.

Its the day I refused to set up myself because I don't understand half of what I actually have to do.. and because I just umm well i don't like to get bogged down with all the details.

SO Freeland did it for me. {thank you hubby wubby}

Seriously - THANK YOU! - I would have probably started crying if I were the one who had to call all those clinics, figure out who gave what, how much it cost here and how much it cost there, who charged an arm, and who charged a leg, when it had to be done by, who was going to do it, what their opinion was of every country and every shot, explain 1000 times that our insurance didn't cover it, hang up - try again, and the list goes on & on & on.

And you dont even have to get any shots {since yours were all already done last year thanks to Scott & White.. and now Lecom} - so you did it all for me! Im so lucky. You even mapped it out for me on my phone, highlighted all the shots I have to get in the paperwork, wrote down the nurses name, and made sure I had my wallet in my purse. Shouldn't I be doing these things for you since you have a test today??? (Or really - shouldnt I be doing these things for myself since Im 25 years old!?)

Oh lordy. Im not a fan of shots. I remember once {or twice - whatever} my mom had to give me candy while I was getting a shot so I wouldn't freak out. Literally - feeding {read - SHOVING} candy in my mouth so I couldn't refuse the shot or scream at the doctor. And I think I was in high school.

Again - I don't like to get bogged down with all the details.

I have lots of thoughts to share with you about the progress of our trip. Promise to post them asap.. that is, if I make it through these shots! (i, kid.) But seriously its been an incredible 2 weeks.

PS - I promise Im not this dramatic about going to the doctor. Its just there are 1000 shots to get and it really is a mess of details.. and well, Im just being dramatic. So there you go!

**UPDATE** Got the first round of shots completed! I think Im ready to get a tattoo now! (seriously. but that was before the shots this morning.) The woman who "administered" all my shots was fantastic. we talked for 2 hours. Per her request I will be bringing her a refrigerator magnet from Africa now.. and some pictures :)


  1. Aw you've got a good hubby:) Hope your shots go well, buddy!

  2. Brooke! I went to Chad two years ago and had to get a whole slew of'll be fine! It's not fun, but it will all be worth it:)

  3. Good Luck on shot day! You will be just fine!

  4. You're a trooper Brookie! I can't stand shots either. I can't even remember when I last had one.