Friday, April 3, 2009

Etsy Shmetsy

Sorry Etsy by itself was boring.

But here is the deal. I still have it in my heart to post a few things on Etsy.

I took a little break from thinking about it for obvious reasons (in case it isn't obvious - its because we're trying to figure out our trip)

So the Etsy project is still there. And I have a 1000+ ideas running through my mind. And I will do it. (that's scary to say because I seriously say these things all the time and never end up doing them!)

I say I will do it though because - honestly Im tired of having ideas and not doing them. Im also a little tired of the feeling I have when I see other people do the things that I also love to do. You know that little bit of envy you get? No? You don't feel that way? Oh okay - I do.. it goes like this: "oh how fun. I would love to get to do that. why do they get to do that? I would love to do that...." Umm they do it because they got off their tush and did it! HELLO! We can ALL do it!So no more sitting back and just saying "wouldn't that be fun" (a rule I have applied to all areas in my life) so thats where Im at. Its a challenge - But a silly challenge thats been fun at the same time.

OOHH and I never told you what Im doing & what started all this. It was making onesie's for Camille. I couldn't tell you about it originally - because the shower was a surprise... and well she reads the blog! But now that she has her gift I can tell you. It all started with sewing and onesies.

Im a dummy and somehow didnt take a picture of the ones I made her. But Im sure I can still get a picture of them and show you :)

oh and I still dont have a name for the store. I liked SO many that are already taken. I thought I would do "Holy Cute" (get it?) but Freeland is of the opinion that its a little cheesy. Here are a few that I wanted and wont work:

BeFree (taken as you already know. my heart is broken)
The Blue Door (taken.. along with the green & red one. Orange is available though?)
FAB (too short has to be 4 letters)
2508 (our old address - wont work has to have at least 1 letter)
Hypothetically Speaking (too long they wont let me use it)

and there were seriously like 100 more that yall suggested (and variations of them) that I fell in love with and was told "no" to.

Now I have another running list: BeCute, BeSewn, ToBeFree (or 2BeFree) BeCharming, BeFresh, BrookesBasement, Freebe (but then it sounds like Im giving away free stuff - and Im not) BeDomestic, LittleBee, GiveMore, or the HolyCute!

The name doesn't matter though in the end - so seriously even though I have talked about it 1000+ times. Im not too worried about it. And hopefully soon I can have my weekends back and maybe post a few things on Etsy! Because I loved making Camille's gift and had SO much fun.. so I just want to keep doing it!

Happy Friday!


  1. You can definitely take pictures of those onesies! Or WAIT until Henry is here and he can be your model! Yes!

  2. ok im totally with you on the "uh i wanna do that" or "i wish i could...." so frustrating but you are so right! i gotta get off my tushy!! {funny thing is... i get those thoughts alot after reading YOUR blog} shame on you for making me envious!!!

  3. I want you to teach me! I have a sewing machine and can do the basics but I screw things up a lot because I like to put the petal to the metal (really!) and speed sew everything. I need help!

  4. Maddie & Oliver would be a cute name for a store. :)

    I can't wait to see pics of the onsies. My sister-in-law is due in Sept and some custom onsies would be a great gift!

  5. Zappos blog is on point with your comments today- - if you want to be better, practice! Pretty motivating.