Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Penske .. I miss you.. lets hang out again soon.


B & Free here to once again share some exciting news..

looks like were moving again! But not across the country this time (thank goodness) - Just across town.

We're so excited.. and trying not to freak out at the same time. I say trying not to freak out because this is now what we have gotten ourselves into:

May 18th - 21st: Freelands exams & last day of class
May 22nd - 30th: California with my dad & Tracy
May 31st: just one day later - Moving day
June 10th: just 10 days later - Africa

So its going to be a busy month. And we are going to have to work fast to get everything packed up and out in time. I am taking 3 weeks off with all the traveling were doing in May/June so I will have to work during the move.. and Freeland will probably be exhausted from everything else going on.. But we're up for the challenge. I guess we don't really have an option at this point!

Never in our life did we think just 1 year later (to the day) we would pack everything up and do it again! (do you want me to twitter our move again this year? Just Kidding - this is all it would say: "just turned left on peach.. wish this truck had better radio stations .. stuck at a traffic light.. heading west.. annddd we're here!") Okay maybe we thought we might do it again .. but that was only if we found a place we wanted to move. And we never imagined we would find a place that was going to be big enough AND allow all our animals.

Long story short the DAY AFTER we renewed our current lease we received an email from the Realtor who showed us some houses last year. She said her current tenants were moving out and asked if we would be interested. We said we would look - not expecting much so we didn't get our hopes up. When we pulled up outside I even told Freeland "umm im not too sure about this". But then after I stepped just one foot in the living room and could instantly picture us being able to fit more than 4 people at a time in 1 room - I turned and looked at him and said "i want to live here"

And he agreed.

After lots of discussion & prayer we both felt a peace about making the move. And now its a done deal! Its a great house.. and one we feel like we can stay in the rest of the time we're in Erie. Since most of you are probably just concerned about the animals - yes the dogs will finally have their own backyard! AND we are going to be right next to a HUGE park so they will get to go on LOTS of walks in the future! They are also going to have tons more room to run around inside the house so Im sure that will make everyone involved happy too!

PS - our current landlord was great and said she will work with us even though technically we had already renewed our lease for another year! phew! And we're going back at some point this week so I can hopefully take some pictures of it then to show you. Right now I dont have any. But stay tuned..


  1. You're going to be a seasoned mover just like us military wives ;) Good luck and sending lots of "low stress" vibes your way for the next month! Can't wait to see pics of the new house.

  2. I'm glad y'all picked Penske and not U-Haul. STAY AWAY FROM THAT COMPANY! I have no idea how they get those trucks inspected every year, and their business practices are even worse than their trucks. One guy even had U-Haul threaten him with criminal charges when he brought back a trailer one day later, when they already agreed to give him a free day due to him having to drive 50 miles to get one!


    Just in case you needed some proof :)

    Good luck on your move!

  3. Good lucky with your move! Let me know if you need any help or anything!

  4. Moving is a GREAT time to clean out and pare down-but not EVERY year. Most of us just try Spring cleaning rather than a yearly move!

  5. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics. :)

    I had to laugh at this post because I worked for Penske for a few years while in college and right before I got married in 2004. Their corporate office is in my hometown. The trucks are GREAT but I will never work for this company again because they outsource their work to India. Ugh, ok...don't get me started about that saga!

    Sounds like a BUSY month but I am sure you will survive! Make a huge list and check it off as you get things done...good luck! :)