Monday, March 16, 2009

thoughts on Monday afternoon

It was quite a weekend. Lots of fun. We hung out with friends, got things done around the house, watched the Baylor Basketball games, played Pictionary Man, and oh my goodness we FINALLY gave the dogs a bath! (its been a LONG time) Oh and the weather was nice enough to open the windows of our house too! (it was in the 40's - but they were open!)

We (bethany, sarah, and myself) also hosted a surprise baby shower for Camille and I'm happy to say it was a huge success. She had NO idea. And she cried when she walked in. Tears of joy = success in my book. I will post pictures as soon as I upload them. We had a blast. I didn't want the day to end.

Free & I made Curry for dinner last night and the house still stinks. We decided that even though we liked it we will never make it again since our house smells like a curry bomb went off.

Then last night I was up all night being sick. Lets not go into details.

I'm better now!!

But I also realized that I apparently have an infection on (or in??) my toe. I don't know how that works. Its nasty. I realized it Sunday and Freeland has been on me to get a doctors appointment ASAP. (since I have horrible circulation in my feet already it makes him really nervous seeing as its already really bad)

Why am I telling you all this? Who actually wants to read about an infection .. especially when it regards feet!

Long story short with less details. I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I'm just praying they don't stick a big fat needle in me. Especially since Freeland will be in class and cant be there to hold my hand while I try not to scream or cry from pain.

I'm sure he will just give me pills to pop. (antibiotics). I will keep you posted. Or maybe I wont because I'm not sure I want to ever bring this up again.

Oh and THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help with Etsy!!! Happy Monday.

PS: Pictionary Man is fun. I recommend it.


  1. I had horrible indigestion after the party. I know I am now more proned to indigestion but I think I over did it at the party. But the food was just too good I couldn't help myself.

    I hope your toe feels better.