Tuesday, March 10, 2009

summer plans

we are in the works of trying to figure out what to do with our lives this summer.

Actually.. Freeland is in the works. I know what I'm doing. (hint: I will be sitting at this same exact desk 8 hours every day.)

Freeland however has his very last summer vacation ever. And he deserves it.

Starting May 21st he will officially not have to study every single day for the next few months. We already have 1 trip planned, hopefully some friends coming to visit (HINT HINT), and a list of things we want to get done (ie: I want to take advantage of him not having to study and have a list of "honey do's" for him - like paint the desk in our office for example)

But we also really want to take advantage of this time & finally do something we have always wanted to do. See since we first started dating we have been talking about doing mission work (thats another story for another time) But we both feel open to the idea of doing either long term or short term trips. And I think every summer since we first started dating we have talked about doing a trip. But sadly it never worked out for whatever reason.

Were hoping this is the summer it actually will work out. Freeland really wants to do Medical Missions in the future. Were not exactly sure what that looks like. But were really hoping that he can take a trip this summer & start to see what it may look like for both of us in the future.

The hard part is - technically he isnt a doctor yet. So trying to find one that will allow him to be a part of the medical side and give him the experience he wants hasn't been the easiest.

There is hope and lots of ideas in the works. Right now were looking at either Romania or Africa. Who knows what will end up happening! I think thats the best part. It makes it more exciting. We're just both praying that whatever the Lords will is we will be open and ready to go. I will keep you posted on what we figure out.

PS: The best advice we received came simply stated via email from Africa yesterday : Try not to let the details of arranging a trip put a damper on the fun of it all. Amen.


  1. I will be praying the Lord leads you both where He wants you to be this summer. He is definitely going to honor your willing hearts to serve Him.

  2. please have him call Rusty Buck 918-260-6496 from Antioch/Baylor. Rusty is in the same boat as Freeland and went to Uganda last year with BWO Believers World Outreach, and got to operate fully as a doctor. He saw patients all day long every day and LOVED IT! It was after his first year as well. They are needing more people for the medical team. Our church here in Tulsa runs BWO and it is amazing. They work a lot with Orphans, and I really cant say enough good things about the trip. Please have Freeland call and we cal tell you all more. Kelly Buck

  3. Hi - this is Bethany Glupker's sister. I think a medical mission trip is a good idea because it will help your husband remember what all the studying is for (said from a second year medical student in her last block of classes and who is getting kind of tired of studying all the time...). If you think that there will only be something for your husband to do because it's a "medical" mission trip, you are wrong! You will be put to work, too! You'll be the one who will have time to talk with people and hug them and play with the kids. It will be good.

    I have worked with some people from Global Health Organization when I was in Ecuador - in fact, my host mom there was the one who organized medical brigades through GHO. They are another group you could look into. If you have questions or are interested in Ecuador as a possibility, have Bethany give you my contact info. I could definitely put you in touch with my host mom.

    Hope things work out!

  4. yall are so sweet thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot!

    Brittany.. thats awesome you got to do that in Ecuador! It sounds amazing.. and your host mom sounds amazing too! I will definitely tell Freeland to look into that too. Thanks for your sweet words! I needed the reminder that there will also be plenty for me to do too! :)

    Kelly - thank you too! Im sure you already know that Freeland called Rusty. We watched the video online too and Freelands heart dropped! :) And oh my goodness.. Rusty's dad is precious! Freelands talking to the church this week and were both praying about it! Thanks SO much for your help!