Friday, March 6, 2009

spring is coming

Its true. And you know what that means :


our tiny little wanna be garden is back!

So far all we have is this basil. Mostly because I feel like its a little early to go get all the plants we want. And also because this is the first week that we could actually see our porch. (because its been covered in snow since November)

I cannot wait to actually get more herbs to plant. Ive already started planning the ones that are a "must" for us to have. (because Im tired of buying them) And Im starting to look forward to the day we can actually have a real garden to plant more of these.

And yes, it does appear that the spring is coming. The sun has been out not stop (ironically its cloudy right now as Im typing this) and we have also started to notice that the sun is making an appearance much earlier these days.. and he has also decided to stay out way past its normal 5:00 departure. Longer days are ahead of us folks.

Did you know in late June/early July the sun rises around 5:45am and sets at 9:00pm here. Thats like a 15 hour day. Its insane. (During the winter the sun rises around 7:45-8:00 and sets as early as 4:45.. so thats about a 9 hour day) So ontop of nice weather I think thats why people take their summers so serious here. and cue: the more you know music on the NBC Commercials. (Oh and of course Im comparing this all to how it was in Texas.. so thats why it seems like such longer days to us.)

Im not sure this means it wont snow again. I hear that we should plan on it snowing and normally Erie skips over spring. I have no idea how these things work. I know I used to going skiing in Colorado during March. And I also know it snowed over Easter in Texas once.. so who knows what will happen.

Either way. Im loving the weather. Freeland just finished his big test and so hopefully we can soak up lots of "not studying" activities this weekend.


  1. Here's to Spring coming soon for ya! We've actually had a mild winter here but last year was a booger. I was so glad to see the mountain of snow melt in our front yard in April. But this week we've gotten up to a shocking 80 degrees. Hallelujah! Although, I learned a lesson last year when it comes to gardening: Never plant anything before Mother's Day. It had been warm for a couple weeks last year when I went out to buy my annuals and glam up my yard. Bad idea. A week later we had a cold front that brought a string of frosts. All my new flowers died. Sad!

  2. They told me at the Erie nursery to not plant until after Memorial Day. I will NEVER forget the move to Erie and it staying daylight so late and dawn coming so early. I DIDN"T get much sleep since I am HIGH MAINTENACE when it comes to sleeping! You may be bringing those herbs in quite a few times before the cold disappears for good.

  3. Hi, I stumbled across your delightful blog through Fabulous K. I've always wanted to grow basil at home but am not really sure where to start. Your plant is gorgeous, would you mind giving me some tips?

  4. Go girl for growing basil and any herb. I've had NO LUCK doing it but Mom and Dad grow tons of them and I just borrow some when I'm there. It sounds like your days are about to really get longer--I'm sure it'll make for some fun outside play time with the kids...animals. Ha!