Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pictionary Man

Holy Cow. I cant believe after months and months of looking everywhere I have finally tracked down this little guy:

Have you seen him before? He is Pictionary Man.

And Freeland has been wanting this game forever.

Over Christmas I looked for it. Sold out everywhere. So I looked at the next obvious place - Online. Sold out everywhere. every single place. So then I looked at the next obvious place - Amazon. Where it was either sold out or cost $60. So then I looked at the other obvious place - Ebay.

You know how much it was on Ebay? Something like $85.00 and up. For 1 game. Crazy!

So Freeland obviously didnt get this game for Christmas, or his birthday, or for Valentines, or for anything. Until Monday night when I was walking through Kmart of all places and thought "okay I will just check one more time" (which is what we do in every store we go in just in case they had it) I couldnt believe my eyes! They actually did have it. And for its regular price! ($30)

I attempted to play last night but we needed batteries and I was too lazy to walk up stairs and get them. But once we do play I will let you know how it is! Since Im sure you are all dying to know too.

1 comment:

  1. i havent heard of this! Sounds like a must play...

    sounds like a game night is in order!