Monday, March 16, 2009

oliver... boliver.. bolly

this video obviously isnt Oliver. And if you havent watched it - you must.

right now.

But you should also know that this is what Oliver does. So that is why it cracks me up even more than anything! Freeland says he runs marathon every night.

Thankfully he hasnt jumped up the same way that this poor puppy does - or else we would have lots of holes in our walls! But the kicking, running, etc. happens pretty much 90% of the time Oliver is sleeping. And its intense. Seriously he shakes our entire bed sometimes!

You should see the sides of our bedroom furniture from him hitting it while he "runs marathons" in the middle of the night. Its pretty funny. Except for that part about when he wakes us up in the middle night from kicking our bed.

I will take a video of it and post it for yall to see.


  1. Ha! Those are really funny! We just watched the other one where he barks in his sleep funny.

  2. Oh my. Hilarious! and way to pull off the surprise shower! I'm terrible at keeping secrets so if we plan anything like that I'm never told...until the guest of honor is too.

  3. What a great way to stay in shape even while you're sleeping. Thanks for posting those videos, that was really funny.

  4. OMG...that poor dog!

    We had a dog when I was little that would run in her sleep too...she never got up and ran into a wall though!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhh! I just showed the kiddos and they died laughing!