Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Rhett

its been a while.

we had quite a busy weekend. filled again with lots of food.

and we made our own sushi for the first time ever. It was blast. I will post pictures soon.

But for the time being. Here are some ADORABLE pictures of Mr. Rhett

look at those eyes!

mr. rhett
watch out ladies

seventies baby
and i just thought this little "1970's" version made his eyes look especially beautiful.

Oh goodness I miss that man.

PS. I have the most hilarious picture of him. But I need permission from his mom first before I can post it. It involves what baby boys do best. And I cant believe I actually got a picture of it.

PPS: His big sister is the most beautiful little girl ever so I will also have to show you pictures of her. She is a miniature version of her mom. Which I love.