Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hypothetically speaking

Lets say that maybe you were thinking about doing something.. 

oh I dont know.. umm oh how about you decided to start a little project on Etsy

Hypothetically speaking, of course

and you thought maybe you would sell lots of little random fun things like..

oh i dont know.. stuff you made, things that you have sewn .. ideas you had .. 

and hypothetically it was all really really adorable stuff. 

Well if that is what you decided to do.. what would you call your etsy store?

Hypothetically speaking. 

(ps. clearly im talking about myself. but im stuck and have no idea what to call it. do you have any ideas of what it should be called?)
(pps. if you dont know what Etsy is - its just a place where you can buy and sell all things handmade and every one's page where they sell things {their "Store"} has a name. I dont want mine to be name-less. I mean I know Im not naming a child but I just have no ideas.) 
(ppps. if you dont have any ideas either its okay. I know one of these days it will come to me..)


  1. I have no idea what to call your store but I do have one request:

    Please make the prices reasonable. I can go on and on for days (and probably will in a next post or so) on how the Etsy stores are beginning to be no better than the department stores-price wise. I know some people make a living off their store but its cheaper to make half the stuff I see (even with the labor I have to do) than to buy it.

    -Sorry for the rant. Good luck on naming your store!

  2. how about B.Free (as in Be Free?)
    Not very creative I know, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway

  3. Meg - I totally agree! I feel like all I do now is search for good prices!

    Julianne - OH MY GOSH!!!! I love it! Thats brilliant! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, I like Julianne's idea a lot, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Etsy! Can't wait to see you on there, check out "Sweet Blue August" ,great prices for something pretty cute!

  5. hypothetically... what would you be sellling... because, hypothetically, i could be in the market :-)

    so from context clues i'm guessing you'll be sewing things, so...

    SewB (SewBie, SewBee, etc)
    BThreaded (BeeThreaded, etc)

  6. I thought about something with the word FAB in it, (i know it seems cliche) but it's yalls "monogram" =)

  7. aw, I'm glad you like it!! It was just the first thing I thought of... good luck :o)

    I know I'm a total stranger to you, but I stumbled onto your blog one way or another - probably through Nie Nie & I really enjoy reading your posts. I feel like I know you guys! Strange how that works, isn't it?

    Anyway, hopefully we can be online friends!

  8. I like Julianne's too, especially since you're Brooke and Freeland= B.Free