Thursday, March 5, 2009

facebook in reality

Eventually I will post about our life again! :)

I know thats why my family checks this blog. But in the mean time:

Have you ever wondered "what does Brooke think about facebook? I mean I know she is on it and has an account.. I know she likes that she can stay in touch with friends.. but I also know that she is HORRIBLE at responding to people on it.. I mean it takes her forever to get back to anyone.. and she super stinks at actually using it and/or checking it .. I also know that for some reason her Flickr updates show on facebook which probably confuses everyone and makes them THINK she is on facebook when she isnt. So jeez.. I wonder what she thinks about facebook?"

Well here is my answer to the question you have been asking yourselves:


Its a love-hate relationship. Either way. That video is so very funny. and true.