Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 things

1. They are showing the townhouses next to us like crazy these days. I guess a bunch of our neighbors all moved out at the same time. The woman who runs our little complex was next door showing the house all day yesterday. I seriously parked it next to the window for half the day just so I could see what our maybe future neighbors would look like. I kept wanting to walk out there and ask if she needed me to meet the people too. I figure its only fair if they are going to be our neighbors anyway that I approve of them! Unfortunately she didn't ask my opinion. But she did say that another person with a Great Dane would be moving in mid summer. Interestante?! Yes.

2. Etsy.. Etsy.. Etsy. SO I LOVED all of your recommendations. Seriously. I loved them. Im in the process of trying to get it all set up. Which scares me but Ive decided not too be scared of silly things so Im just going for it. Ive run into a few sad bumps with names. My favorites are already taken and/or too long or too short etc. But I will figure it out. I contemplating emailing said "BeFree" user and asking if she will give me her account since she isn't selling anything. (BFree, BeFree, BeeFree are already taken :( You shouldn't be allowed to take a name if you have never bought or sold anything in over a year. Just saying.

But thank you for all your help. I love all the ideas and have a list going. Im super NOT creative when it comes to fun names so yall really did help.

3. I lied. there are three things. I promise to upload the pictures from Cam's shower asap.

4. I cant help it! One more.. Plans for this summer are a-go! Looks like both Freeland and I will be traveling & serving. I will keep you posted. But were really excited!!

oh and I just made fresh bread and our house smells like heaven now. done.


  1. MMMM. I want some. I'm behind because I don't know what you're talking about in regard to Etsy...need to do some back reading. If you're about to start selling, great! I haven't bought anything before but I think I'd love it once I start. :)

  2. I hope you get the name you want! And I have some pictures of the shower but I know your's are going to be way better. I can't wait to see your pics!!