Friday, February 6, 2009

Tonight = best night ever

Tonight is going to be exciting

You know why?

Im getting together with the same girls that
all did this and that also did this

and were all meeting at the same house where
I did this .. and one of those up there.

Are you following me?

Were kicking all the boys out.

Were putting on our PJ's

Were bringing out all the snacks, sweets, and drinks

And were all going to slumber together.

AKA: Were having a slumber party. Yes.. not just girls night out. But an entire SLUMBER PARTY

Insanity = As in Insanely Exciting. I hope someone brings Mall Maddness.. and I also hope im not the first one to fall asleep! We all know what happens to "that girl"

Happy Friday!


  1. ha ha! mall madness!! I was absolutely obsessed with that game! and i was "that girl" at slumber parties. woke up with bright red lipstick all over my face. . . i didn't even wake up when they were doing it!

  2. I wish I still had my Mall Madness game! I thought the credit cards were SO cool!

    Have a fun sleepover!

  3. hahaha!

    I was just thinking that my girlfriends and I really need a "slumber party" much more fun then a few hours of "mom's night out" that we try to do every six months or so!

    Oh and "that girl" at the party always woke up to find her bra in the freezer. Silly I know...

    Hope you had a great time!