Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stranded on Superbowl Sunday

Im sitting here stuck at the airport. Which in a lot of ways I don't mind because I really enjoy airports.. and if Im at the airport that means Im still at least on my way home.

My first flight was delayed {whats new} and I arrived in Detroit at the exact same time my next flight was departing. {but hey.. no nose bleeds this time!} So now I just sit and wait.

I was originally supposed to get back to Erie with just enough time to see Freeland & kiss his face.. and then get home and start watching the Superbowl.

I would like to mention that this is the first time ever I actually wanted to watch the Superbowl for more than just the commercials!

See.. this is the first year I ever even cared to watch a football game in my life. {I even helped Freeland with his picks every week and for a little while I actually knew what I was talking about!} So.. seeing as we now live in Erie, PA... and the Steelers are in the Superbowl.. I was actually interested in watching the game.

Don't get me wrong.. this doesn't mean Im a "steelers fan" {which by the way I should tell you that my official opinion is that Steelers Fans are right up there with Packer Fans. I know, Im just as shocked as you are! Im not sure Im ready to say they are better fans because I myself enjoy the packers.. but I was shocked to see how die hard & intense their fans are here. I had no idea! Seriously.. when your entire city .. and state .. pretty much closes down during the games & your mayor changes his name just for the football team thats loyalty. And thats not even why I think their fans are as die hard as I do. I could go on & on with examples but I will spare you because my battery is dying on my computer.. and really I dont know what Im talking about.. and hopefully you get the point: They are some of the most intense & loyal fans in the NFL hands down. In my professional opinion.}

Anywho, normally I like to cheer for the underdog but seeing as we now live in Steeler Nation & half the people I know all have a "terrible towel" and wear jersey's on game day.. Im torn.

My point is: I wanted to watch the game. At Home.

With Freeland.

But I suppose I will just go sit on the phone with Freeland & watch it in the airport instead. With my $13.00 voucher they gave me for any "inconveniences I may have experienced" with my flight.

While I wait.. and wait.. and wait.. even longer..

to see Freeland.

PS: the guy in front of me is stuck in the airport all night and only got a $7 voucher for the entire night. How does that happen? I would have offered to switch but he was a little busy telling off the poor woman at the counter. Yikes.

PPS: I still have no idea who Im cheering for. But I think I would rather see the underdog win at this point. And not to worry... I will be at least making it home before the night ends.

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