Monday, February 16, 2009

im yours

In honor of such a loving weekend.. (which I will post about soon)

I give you what Freeland & I are currently in love with..

Not just his music.. Not just the song.. but his performance.

Especially at the end.

This is from Ellen.. but the original one we saw was on SNL and it was fabulous.
But Click "Watch in HD" on the Menu... it makes it better

Beautiful. and gosh he makes it look so easy.

No wonder he was nominated for a grammy.

I must live in the dark because I have loved this song for quite some time. But see I dont really listen to the radio anymore.

But then I was in & out of cars the past few days.. so I was listening to the radio.. and I almost lost it because this was on every other song. Which made me SO thankful I dont listen to the radio anymore. I would never enjoy this song (or many others) because of how much they are overplayed.

Hope you had a romantic and uber lovey dovey weekend.


  1. I don't think the video you posted worked... doh!

  2. This is our favorite song, and I don't listen to the radio anymore either or I might not like it quite so much at this point. We love him and were lucky to see him in concert a few years ago!!