Monday, February 16, 2009

heart shaped valentines

valentines 2009

Valentines Day this year was really Valentines Weekend.

And I think it can best be summarized with food this time around.

See, Freeland & I have been "watching what we eat" and because of Freeland we have actually been doing a great job of this since January 1st.

Oh and before you all comment about us being on Diets.. you should know this: Not only did I used to bake sweets multiple times a week.. We also used to eat really bad food all the time. Meaning we used to eat pizza like 3 or 4 times a week. I remember one day I was even eating pizza for lunch while I was making more pizza for dinner.. and that was common. So in order to be healthy and live long lives with each other - we have been eating pretty much just fish and veggies it feels like.

Therefore, we decided Valentines day would be full of lots of treats and unhealthy food to reward ourselves.

Its all about rewards. Remember that.

We aren't the go out to eat on special occasion type people.

Not that its bad. But somewhere along the line we just stopped doing it (probably because we live on a med school budget - which means $0.00) and instead we started ordering Chinese food in. So it became our tradition.

Which I love and very much look forward to.

Buuuut since Pizza is really what we love the most and we have been depriving ourselves of it all year we decided instead of ordering chinese food we would make heart shaped pizza's this year at home together.

(we stole the idea from Boston's Pizza.. I didnt come up with that on my own. I just felt like I should be honest with yall)

valentines 2009

So pizza it was.

BBQ Chicken Pizza & Supreme Pizza to be exact

Holy Yummy-ness.

valentines 2009

EXCEPT. I still had this other recipe {french recipe to be exact} I have been wanting to try because the way to Freelands heart is through French Food. So instead of doing pizza on Valentines night we did pizza on Friday night so we could make our other dinner on Saturday.

And that is why Valentines started on Friday for us this year.. and then became a weekend long event.

I will post more about our actual Valentines day asap because I know this is getting a little extra long. But I think heart shaped pizza will forever be a valentines tradition for us going forward.

I heart it.


  1. is that pic from this weekend? it looks like you have more blonde in you hair...are you going back to blonde? just wondering... :)

  2. aww! we are also big fans of pizza and junk food! i wish my hubby & i could eat healthy!! it's so hard!!

  3. A few things; super cute pizza! When on a budget (eh hum; 3 kids!) being creative can be required but oh so fun! Are you blonde again?! I'm about to go blonde again; I just can't get used to my hair being darker. The other day Edwin finally admitted he liked the blonde better. oh law. Lastly, I"m honored and thrilled that i'm on your list of blogs you stalk, but I'm not Michelle Judy anymore! haha

  4. Oh its just an old picture (circa: september 2008) but I am very much wanting to do blonde again some time soon.

    Oh and Michelle!!!! TOOO FUNNY! Seriously - as you wrote that I was updating my links on the side and changed yours finally! :) Guess we think alike!!!

  5. I love all the V-Day festivities! I think Jon and I are going to make dinner at home next year! I do have a serious question...Do you make pizza dough from scratch? If not, what do you buy? Jon and I have tried making our own pizzas, but I'm never too happy with the crust. Thank you in advance for your pizza wisdom!

  6. What a great idea! We might have to copy you guys for next year, what a great tradition to start! And it looks so good!

  7. Kori - yes we make it at home. I will email you the recipe. :) Hopefully it will work for you. Freeland loves it!