Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the first step

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I wanted to go on the record and say that yesterday Freeland & I did something that we havent done in longer than I can remember.

possibly ever

Technically Freeland has. But I havent.

we went and worked out. Im just as shocked myself. I think the last time I went to the gym on a regular basis was before Freeland & I were dating when I knew he had a class at 7:00am in the SLC (the gym at Baylor) and I just wanted to see him. (super sneaky huh)

But the LECOM wellness center finally opened up and so I no longer have an excuse.

and let it be known I actually enjoyed working out again.

Even if I didnt enjoy it - I would still do it. Its part of our "I want to grow old with you" goal.

At one point in my life I ran a half marathon (the glory days) so back in December when I almost died, no joke, after running from one gate to the other in the airport .. I realized it was time to start working out again. You should have all seen me. It was pathetic.

So look out world - were about to get our work out on.

PS: those interested - the Lecom Wellness Center is great.
PPS: were also going here in May.. so thats helping my motivation too.


  1. You go Brooke! I'm so excited the Wellness Center is open so I can start working out again too.
    Nothing too strenuous cuz I don't think baby g would like that.

  2. Way to go! I'm so jealous for your vacation in May. I need some motivation to work out. The more weight I gain the less motivation for some reason and I will be in my fattest times in May. Good luck working out and getting ready for your fun trip.

  3. I just started my little exercise routine too! GOod luck to all of us! :) Swimsuit weather is just around the corner, thats enough motivation for me! Dont want to be mistaken for some sort of beached water creature! :)