Thursday, February 19, 2009

finally finished ...

reading in central park
reading harry potter in central park back in September..

I forgot to mention that as of last Monday evening at approximately 8:00pm I finally finished all of the Harry Potter books. sigh.

I cried.

But who hasnt?

I never thought I would even pick one of the books up & read it.. much less finish it. ever. It wasn't until camille convinced me to start reading one. Then all the sudden I found myself comparing everything in my life to Hogwarts, Dumbledore, House Elves, muggles, etc. And all the sudden Wingardium Leviosa also became part of my vocabulary.

Oh and now I understand how people read the Harry Potter books over & over & over.

reading in central park
this is me giving "a look" .. probably when Freeland was trying to tell me what was happening in the book before I read it

And now I have no idea what to do with all my time while Im trying to fall asleep.. I tried picking up some other books.. but I haven't found one yet that I feel interested in reading as much. Were ordering some from Amazon but while I wait Im bored when Im trying to fall asleep.

For the record: I wont be starting the twilight series. I think Im going to hit up a little CS Lewis and some others before I try those.. that is if I ever try those.

reading in central park
one of my favorites of the husband in central park.

If you are like Freeland and think you are too good for the books {i kid} but if you haven't read them - you are crazy. what are you waiting for? Do it before the last movies come out! It was SO much better that way! Who am I kidding - me begging on this blog isnt going to convince you.. and if you dont read them it really doesnt bother me.

{for the record: freeland says he wont ever read them. Granted, he does have plenty of other things to take up his time.. but its also because he somehow convinced Adam to tell him every detail about the ending so not only did he torture me while I was reading them.. he also says he doesnt see the point since he knows what happens. lame}

Oh and I have something else to tell you. For the first time ever I watched American Idol. And liked it. I never thought I would do that either.. Im full of surprises these days. I even felt like I had to keep watching it. But then I realized I have too many things already to make me think Im busy.. so Im not sure it will happen again. But either way it was fun to watch. And I understand all of your excitement for the show now.


  1. I can't believe you had never read HP!!! I've read several of them at least 5-6 times. And I was one of those nerds at the bookstore at midnight when the 7th one came out... :)

    You should give Twilight a chance. They're nowhere near as good, but are still fun, escapist reads.

    I'd recommend the Chronicles of Narnia. I wish I had a birthday coming up so I could ask for the complete set as a present.

    OK, I'm sure this is TMI for your blog comments, but I felt compelled to share. Bottom line: Glad you loved Harry & Company. :)

  2. welcome to the world of American Idol. It is so easy to get sucked in to this show and i am proud of you that you waiting this long. I was hooked in around season 3!

  3. I felt the same way about Harry Potter, Twilight, and American Idol. And I have been sucked into all of them now. You really should give Twilight a chance, I thought the same thing, but did enjoy them, maybe not as much as Harry Potter, but still...

  4. Congrats Brooke! I am still working on the 5th Harry Potter's been like 3 years now. I need to get them read already....geez.

    My husband refuses to read the books but loves the movies. He is on my case to get the book done so we can watch that film because I refuse to watch the movies until I've read the book. LOL

    Glad you like AI. I was a huge fan when it first came out but I hardly watch anymore. I did get a sneak peek last night though. I know the story about the guy who's wife died and I hear he is doing really well in the competition. Unless he got voted off last night? I didn't watch the whole thing!

    Anyways, great post. Thanks for not giving any endings away!! :)

  5. It doesn't matter how many times I read Harry . . . I Always cry!

  6. I have never read Harry Potter.. seems a bit out there, though i did watch the first few movies with my kids! WIll be excited/interested to hear if you find a new read... i havent come across one that has caught my attention since the Mitch Albom books.. where i cried like a baby, but could finish off the books in 2days! What others are your top "reads?" ~Jessica~ Funn thing.. i feel smart after i finish a book! Ha ha ha

  7. If you haven't already read it try The Four Loves by CS Lewis. It's one of my favorites. I also recommend The Shack. Compelling story.

  8. I once refused to read them... then I did. GREATEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! Well, not really. But you get the idea. SO MUCH better than just watching the movies.

    Congrats on finishing a great series!

  9. I too never thought I would read them and I finished the sixth book this week and am hesitant and anxious to start the last book. I don't want them to be over!

    And Josh re-reads them all the time.

  10. You + NOT reading TWILIGHT = really HUGE mistake. just sayin'...

  11. Loved reading Harry! And the movies.

  12. Chronicles of Narnia= Yes
    The Shack= Yes
    The Alchemist= Yes