Friday, February 13, 2009

dawn - e - dawn

Ive been gone the last few days visiting this girl:

us at dawns wedding back in December 2005

and its been fabulous. It was a much needed trip & Im so thankful I was able to make it up to see her.

I finally got to hug & squeeze her little baby boy. And he is perfectly squeezable and smells like heaven.

And I finally got to play with Lola.. she calls me Aunt Brooklynn now so that pretty much made my heart melt.

Ignore that she is the most social, loving, and outgoing person in the world. Im choosing to believe its because she loves me THAT much.

Anywho - Im boarding the plane right now.

On my way home.

And I can happily say that I will not be getting back on a plane for a long time (not until May) Thank goodness.