Tuesday, February 10, 2009

attack of the ice

First of all.. many of you have asked about the people who fell in Lake Erie {all 150 of them} and if we knew them etc. Thank you for your concern. We didnt know anyone. It actually happened in Ohio so it wasnt close to us. And although I think it is tragic and very scary.. I would like to point out what the sheriff said.. and I quote: "if there was a section in the code about common sense, we would have had 150 arrests out there today." Click above to read the full article.

And if anything please know that there is no need to worry - we would never walk out on the ice when its melting.

Which brings me to another point.

All the snow is melting. While in some ways Im a little excited because Im looking forward to planting more fresh herbs outside.. Im honestly sad. I love the snow. I even asked Freeland last night if the winter has felt short to him. (because it has to me.. and I get the feeling some days Im the only one) he laughed and said I only feel this way because I dont go out in it everyday, clean the snow of our car everyday, walk the dogs everyday, etc. (But jeez.. who's counting?!)

I know that there is still more snow to come. And I hear that we pretty much skip over spring here. But there is still part of me that is sad the snow is melting today.

Which brings me yet again to another point:

ICE. You may have all seen the crazy ice {aka Deathcicles} on Adam & Cam's blog.

Well, we had a few of our own at our casa. And I wanted to show them to you. There was one that seriously was out of control. I was just waiting for it to fall and it never did. Not until people were hired to come remove it. So here are some pictures of all the ice around our house BEFORE it all started melting:

icicles attacking our house
not that bad at first glance when you walk outside

icicles attacking our house
more icicles all around our roof

still not all that bad. Until you see this guy:

icicles attacking our house
Please note: that is all the way from the second floor of the house to the door step.

Its our neighbor's who was out of town for over a month. This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago. It was much thicker, longer, and scarier by the time they actually came and removed it this weekend.

Good thing - because they do fall people:

icicles attacking our house

I have more pictures but they are on the camera that is currently in Freeland's truck so it will have to wait. That was enough rambling for 1 day I suppose.