Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Menu

As I previously mentioned our Valentines Weekend was pretty much centered around food. So here is the menu:

Eggs served over easy
Maple Sausage
a large glass of ice cold whole milk
& Powdered Donuts to finish it off

More donuts

Cheese & wine {and hummus} while we cooked
Chef Jean-Georges Vonderichten's Chicken
Served with Roasted Gold Potatoes
Creamed Spinach & Basil
and fresh baked & decorated sugar cookies for dessert
along with more donuts

A side note about the meal we made: I originally wanted to make this meal before and never did. When I was pulling up the recipe Freeland said "wait did you pick that out on purpose?" To which I responded "I guess - I mean I wanted to make it so .." and then he said "Do you know who that chef is?"

Umm I barely know how to pronounce his name .. so no I have no idea who he is.. his chicken just looked fabulous and he is french so I thought you would like it. And then Freeland said: "Thats the same chef that made our dinner in New York when I proposed to you." WHAT?! WHO KNEW?! {well, I guess Freeland knew} But I have no idea how he remembered that.. then I again - I told you that French food is the way to his heart and I think the night he proposed to me was his favorite meal {at JoJo's} in the history of ever so I guess thats why he remembered.

So lets pretend I picked it on purpose knowing that Chef Jean-Georges Vonderichten was who he is and I just wanted to be that romantic.

Here is a picture of Freeland {well the back of him} all dressed up and cooking in the kitchen:
valentines 2009
he wore the vest I got him for his birthday and my favorite hat.

bom chicka wah wah

valentines 2009
The chicken perfectly done

PS: This was Jean George's moms recipe that she made when he was growing up. So its more of a home cooked french meal - not fancy smancy french restaurant type meal. But if your interested you should try his other meals because lets just say they are AMAZING. Oh and he has a blog - how awesome is that.. a world renowned chef with a blog.

valentines 2009

My only request on Valentines was to make valentines cookies and decorate them together. So that is what we did while we waited for dinner to finish

valentines 2009
yummy icing

valentines 2009
we had hearts, lips, & cupids

valentines 2009
The finished product.

Freeland did lots of those too. Notice the TV in the left hand corner. Very Retro! And the blue heart at the top in the background with white & red frosting.. those are just a few of his that were my favorite. Who knew he was so good at this sort of thing?!

It was the perfect day filled with food, lots of cheesy valentines movies {including Be My Valentine Charlie Brown to keep with tradition} and time spent together.


  1. Hi there! I just wanted to say that i SO enjoy reading your blog! A weekend of food is right up my ally... and that all looked delicious! I hope you dont mind but have added your blog to mine as one of my fav daily reads! Thank you for being so insirational, and fun to read!
    Thanks Jessica

  2. LOVE the cookies! My husband also loves French food and I took him to JoJo for his birthday a few years ago. Such a charming place. He has a few amazing restaurants in the city but JoJo by far is the most romantic.

  3. what a fun, adorble, sweet and yummy weekend!!!! :)

    (and thanks for the wishes! yay!!)

  4. wanting cookies now. thanks a lot brooke! i can't eat cookies :):) I'm very proud of your chicken--it looks beautiful! Reminds me of our new favorite thing to split at Cheesecake Factory--It's a lemon herb roasted chicken and it comes with carrots and their not-so-diet mashed potatoes. Yum. Plenty for two people for those of us on budgets!

  5. Love all the pictures. Those cookies (and all the food!) look so yummy and I think that's a great tradition!

    You two are soooo cute! :)

  6. Just thought I would let you know Canon fixed my camera FREE of charge!!! It arrived today FED EX!!! Woo HOO! Thanks for your kind words!