Monday, February 23, 2009

All University Sing at Baylor

oh how terribly bittersweet.

This weekend was Sing. And for the first time ever we dont live just a few blocks away to see it.

I wish I could think of the words that would explain Sing. But.. How do you explain awesomeness?

I hear this years acts are great. I was getting text messages from my cousin (who goes to aTm) all night on Saturday telling me about the acts and giving me reviews. He said Tri Delt was really good.. but maybe he was just sucking up so we will give him more than just a $10 gift card to Chilli's for Christmas gift next year?!

Is it normal that I graduated 4 years ago.. moved across the country.. and still love all the excitement of this silly little competition?! Im going to go out on a limb and say that most people who participated in Sing and/or went to Baylor feel the same way - so yes I think it is normal.

I do love it. And I do wish I could just drive over and sneak in to watch all the performances.

In honor of Sing : If you want to see some ridiculous pictures of myself, friends, and boys dressed up with strange costumes and make up .. click here.


  1. Did you know that with soooo many Baylor alumni in my family, I never went to Sing. I know that's terrible...I would have loved it! I'm sure it's hard to not be close enough to go to it this year! Loved the pictures!

  2. my best friend did Sing this year as a Tri-Delt. She loved it!

  3. Hi Brooke... actually lived in Waco for a bit when I was younger and was able to go to SING with one of my friends who had a sister that was is something pretty awesome to see!

  4. YOU JUST CANNOT explain Sing to anyone!!!!!-I have tried without success.

  5. i am with you. i LOVE sing and also missed out on seeing it this year. :( those days were sooo fun! loved seeing the pictures!