Monday, January 26, 2009

a year later .. and Happy Birthday Amy!


First of all.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! Amy is my dear friend who now lives in Colorado. Amy and I also met through Tri Delt at Baylor .. sadly I dont remember exactly what it was that brought our lives together like it did but I know it was somewhere in between one of our bible studies, meetings, or the nights we would meet up to pray in the chapter room that we became such close friends. Whatever the exact moment was that we hit it off - I am so thankful for it because not only do I have some of the most HILARIOUS and OHMYGOSH IMGOINGTOPEEMYPANTS moments with Amy but she is also one of the most incredible friends.

Amy is someone that I know I could call for anything.. any day of the week.. and any hour of the day she would be there. I know if I ever just needed to be honest about something she would be the person to talk to & if I ever wanted someone to just laugh with .. its definitely her! Amy also has such a gift for being able to understand and see the heart of whats really going on in every situation. I also think she has an incredible gift of discernment, wisdom, and compassion.

Amy I love you & I love all the memories we have and that you will always be such a great friend of mine! For example, I love that we snuck you in my room in New York and hid you in my bed! I love that we always make circles when were dancing and that when we talk it always leads to us dying laughing. Love it. Do it. Share it. Work it. And I love that our conversations always get so carried away.. I wont go into all that right now but you know what Im saying! And I love that too! :) I hope you have an incredible birthday! I wish we could be in Colorado with you to celebrate and love on you. Hopefully some day soon we will be! Love, B & Free

And like I said in my little header "a year later"... a year ago today is when I first wrote happy birthday to someone on here. (it was Amy in case there was any confusion) And with that started all of my birthday posts to everyone else. But now its been a year and I have made the executive decision (yes.. I make "Executive" decisions around here.. I am the CEO of this blog apparently so Im allowed to call the shots) to put a pause on the happy birthday posts. I LOVE sharing peoples birthdays with everyone else & I love writing what I love about all of my friends.. but this year Im going to work on mailing birthday cards instead. And If you were someone who just skipped reading on the days I was saying happy birthday - no need to feel guilty.. thats okay. I wont judge you.

So if for any reason its your birthday and you were desperately waiting to see a post from yours truly and dont.. please dont be disappointed. Hopefully there will be a card in the mail instead. Unless I dont know your address... and thats something we can deal with later.


  1. thanks b! what a sweet post :) We DO laugh a ton don't we? I just recently told one of my friends here about our NY shannanigans. I remember being so freaked out that we were going to get caught! I love you dearly and I am SO SO thankful for your friendship and I miss you a TON! I will call you soon!

  2. hi brooke...ive been checking out your blog for the past couple of months...just wanted to let you know that i really enjoy the peek into your life...thanks for sharing and for being so new to blogging and am surprised by how addicitng it can be...thanks again-look forward to reading on...cheers!

  3. Brooke ~

    I thought you and your lovely blog deserved an award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up and pass it along if you wish!

    Thanks for always brightening my day! :)