Wednesday, January 28, 2009

where in the world is carmen sandiego

I loved that game.

Currently I have disappeared from Casa de Ackley...

and made my way down to the Great state of Texas

and it looks like I brought the weather with me (even though really if you look at a weather map Texas is sending the weather up there.. its still what everyone who has seen me has said to me so I take full responsibility if it makes others happy) ahhh look at me... such the cold weather expert now.. little ol me who is always freezing isnt even cold when I walk outside. Such a northerner now {i kid}

For those unaware, it was 20-30 degrees and the entire city was pretty much shut down from ice. I dont mind. I prefer it over hot, humid, yuck weather anyway. I should note though in true Texas fashion it was 80 in Texas last week & then 20 this morning.

But.. do you want to know something? Okay. If you insist:

  • I have lots to update you on.. and will do that soon.
  • This was the best week ever for me to travel because Freeland has 4 test while Im gone.
  • This was also the worst week for me to travel because Im missing a lot of things at the same time too. Like Lauren having her baby!!!
  • Oh and for those interested Im here traveling for work. That is why I disappeared. But Im mixing things up and also visiting family at the same time. I just like to keep things spicy like that.
  • I left all of my toiletries in Erie. Oops.
  • The flight(s) here can officially be marked as the most not fun day of traveling in the history of ever for me. (complete with a 2 mile run to catch my flight where I think I almost died and an awesome nose bleed on my last flight that lasted forever
  • Did you know the Steelers are in the super bowl? Remind me to discuss this later too..

Lastly ... Let it be known .. this is the longest that Freeland and I have ever been apart and its really miserably sad.. and I miss him like crazy.


  1. I am on a sick day today but we miss you up here buddy!!!

  2. Sorry to hear your traveling wasn't so smooth. You had a noose bleed? I'm sorry friend. And it does stink to be away from your husband. Glad your back safely in Erie, PA.